I'm a straight male and love to fuck my ass with a dildo. Any other guys do this. Sometimes I like to wear black pantyhose.

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  • I love laying on my back with my knees up by my head and fucking my ass with dildos. The bigger and longer the better. I love the feeling of my ass hole stretching to the point of it tearing a little. I also like the feeling of them going so deep I feel them bumping up against my diafram. My wife has no idea I do this, but I do every time she leaves the house.

  • Sounds hot. I like the feel of a dildo when it's entering my asshole.

  • I love dildos. I have a couple. One nice and long I practice giving head to, deep thrusting. I have another that is nice and fat. I love anal sex, whether with women or men. I love to be fisted. For me, the bigger the better. Do what makes you happy, what makes you cum, and cum a lot.

  • Can't handle a fat one.

  • Do what makes you happy if you like it keep on doing it don't worry about labels this world is all f***** up with labels I love you women I am married but I also love getting f***** up the ass it's amazing

  • That's great love to cum with one in my ass.

  • I love banging myself..i always get dolled up

  • I like to hear what you wear.

  • What do you wear?

  • I like black pantyhose and I cut the ass open. Sometimes I like to take pictures of myself.

  • No, man. You are the only one in the entire world that does that. The rectum is made for pooping, not sticking womens toys up there. Seek professional help immediately, befor you get the gay.

  • I have one up my ass right now. And a lot of men do it. U massage your prostate and have a great orgasim

  • Yeah, I was just joking, dude. I would guess that the majority of men do that.

  • Prostate orgasms are incredible! Damn I hope I don’t catch the gay too.... my wife would be pissed!

  • Lol

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