Reverse Foot Fetish?

I am a 34 year old happily married woman and I get turned on by men and women who like looking at my bare feet. I don't really have a foot fetish myself but I get seriously aroused when I see a guy or girl who seems interested in my feet. I live in Florida so I rarely - almost never actually - wear anything closed toed. I'm always in sandals, flip flops, or even barefoot sometimes when I'm feeling daring.

There are a couple guys I work with who are always checking out my feet and I get so turned on that I wind up having to throw away my panties after they get soaked (and I'm running out of panties lol) What's more I generally find a place at lunchtime to sit in my car and masturbate.

Any other ladies like me?

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  • You still have a foot fetish, it's just passive, and a bit narcistic. I once knew a lady who was fishing for compliments and said, " I think my legs are my best asset ! Don't you ? " They weren't, but, I said, " You've got just the kind of legs I love ! Feet at one end and pussy at the other ! "

  • This all sounds like great fun but I was really hoping a female would respond. I just want to see if I'm weird or not :)

  • I adore women's feet especially when toes are painted and have been lucky enough to suck kids and sniff women's feet I get turned on seeing them in flip flops and sandles and adore high heeled strappy sandles

  • I’d love to sniff those soaked panties of yours. I’m sure I’d shoot a huge load when I inhaled your pussy and asshole scent.

  • I love looking at pretty feet.
    Seeing the beautiful colors painted on their toes. Seeing toes with rings on them.
    I enjoy giving foot massages also.
    I would enjoy looking at your feet, touching them.
    Let me make your panties wet because you will know that I am enjoying your feet.
    Don’t throw your wet panties away, let me keep them to remind me of your beautiful toes and feet.

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