Bitch in Boots

I posted a week ago or so about me managing to get my cock back in my mates missis mouth, gave her a good facefuck n after months her giving me the cold shoulder i knew id get in her again,
saturday evening was BBQ at my mate house, loads us there, getting drunk etc and that bitch cassie was running around with pair brown fuck me boots on, with pair shorts and right as top, plastered the makeup on again too much and those fat big hoop earings she wears, anyway first time we crossed paths just her and i was in the outhouse getting some more beer and she put her foot on top the doombar saying it was her bfs only, i grabbed her leg by the boot and lifted her leg, grabbing her ass and saying, “this aint just his ether is it?”
jump forward to end night at 2am ish and everyone else is leaving n i manage to convince my mate let me crash on the sofa, our other mates have the spare room and by 3am it was all quiet, i sneak up and sure enough my mate pounding cassie on his bed, pushing the door open abit i see him between her legs going at her like the slut she is, she sees me as he was facing away with her legs wide open, boots still on like a proper slut. i sneak downstairs and wait knowing she would come down and she did, about 4am i hear the stairs start to creak and she comes down into the living room, dressing gown but as i stand she drops it, naked body and drops to her knees, my hard cock right in her mouth! dirty slut just wanted more cock! i knew my mate would have cum in her so i didnt go down on her or finger her i just let that horny bitch suck and slurp on me, grabbing her pretty face and looking into her gorgeous eyes as my cock filled her mouth. after making abit noise on the sofa we tryed staying as quiet as possible but enxed uo on the floor, at first her legs open wide as i plowed into her cunstained cunt over and over, then abit on our sides but after flat her her front i pinned her to livingroom floor pounding at her while she fingered herself at same time, thous boots digging into me as it seems i made her cum where my mate didnt. this then made me cum and i filled her cunt with my cum too by about 5am. we sat bk on the sofa and she took off her boots and put her dressing gown back on, “till next time” she said. so i know its guna happen again! fuck yeah!

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  • Love your posts, thanks for sharing.

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