Being Involved with Sex Craving Family Pt. 2

As I said in the first part of this story, I been involved with my girlfriend's family and friends during the fifteen years that I've been with her. I last told of doing Judy's mother giving her a wonderful pounding. Doris must of told Debra, Judy's sister about my endowment.

I got a phone call from Debra, her saying that her husband was out of town and needed me to look at something that needs fixing. I rang the doorbell, heard her say come right in. I stepped into the kitchen and she said "I'm in the bedroom." There standing by the bed was Debra in a white coreset , garters and stockings with her golden beaver showing. She looked so yummy. "What needs fixing?" I asked. She told me it was her and she needed a fresh cock to spice up her sex life. She heard about me and her mother and will keep that a secret from Judy.

"So, do I look appealing Jon?" as she circle around showing the goodies. She stepped up to me and started kissing and rubbing the bulge. The coreset slipped down a bit exposing the nipples on her small breasts. She pulled my pants down as she went below and my dick flew out. "The gossip is true and you have a cock a woman would die for, babe." She worked her magic on it. While I undressed she looked so innocent laying there in bed. I started to stroke while watching her play with her gold tabby between her legs. She lifted her spread legs and said, "Come on hun, do what you do best." Her vagina seemed stretched from a lot of sex so my penis went right in easily. While pumping her all the way down to my balls she kept playing with her clit. Now and then I would lower my upper body to nibble those very dark nipples. "You're the only guy that I screwed that hasn't cum already and kept his dick hard. Lovely Babe, I'm almost there." she said.

In order for me to explode when she has her orgasm I told her to squeeze my balls hard. With one hand she squeezed my balls and the other was flicking her clit. We orgasmed very hard with multiple orgasms at the same time. "Judy is lucky to have you Jon. I would of loved to seen how mom took your special gift of yours Jon. This be our secret from Judy don't be a stranger hun." she said as I dressed.

As I left I said to myself, this is one freaking sex hungry family. Thanks for reading my writings. I may continue with part three.


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  • This is pretty difficult to believe however could you please advise if you do any of them doggie anally ?
    Also does your wife approve ?

  • I'm not married. This a story about the people I really done, but not the way I wrote it in the story. Dana is one that I done anal doggy style.

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