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Myself and my partner are retired and living in a very large retirement community in central Florida. I moved there for the golf and the warm climate, and various other amenities provided. I'm divorced and met my partner, Cindy, also divorced, in an online sex chat room. After some lively chat, and recognition of things in common, we traded nude pics. She had a huge, bushy 80's hairstyle, was thin but had curves, and had nice perky breasts. I knew it had to have been an old pic, so, I sent some my ex had taken of me around the same decade. After we discovered we had grown up only 30 miles apart, in south Ga., we grew closer, and I sent her a current pic, not nude, and she did the same. She lived almost a hundred miles from me, and we finally met at a point halfway. After a wonderful seafood dinner, and a few drinks, we went back to the motel room. I had popped a Viagra to make sure I could perform and we got down to business. I shucked off all my clothes, and she removed her jeans and panties. She had a fine ass, closely cropped pubes, which I'm fine with, and no tan lines. I urged her to remove her blouse and bra, but, she seemed reluctant. "Turn off the lights", she requested, and I did. We got into bed and she went down on me, cupping my balls as she slid a long slender finger up my ass, hitting my prostate. I pulled on a condom, and entered her. I mauled her breasts, and found them very flabby. She pushed my hands away. I asked her what was wrong, and she said, " I'm ashamed of my boobs. They ain't perky like they used to be, they're deflated. " I told her to not worry about such, but, once I saw her in the light, I saw she was right. They looked like a couple of swinging dicks instead of breasts. The sex was fantastic, though. There wasn't much she wouldn't do. Her oral skills were off the chain.
To make a long story a little shorter, she retired from her engineering job, and moved in with me. She loved her new digs, loved the community. I sold some stock and paid for her boob job. She had never been much more than a 34 C, now she was a 38 DD. She was very proud of them, loved showing them off. Each neighborhood had their own pool, locker room, and tennis courts. She would be at the pool every day, and gained a group of admirers, both men and women.
Every Friday, at noon, residents would gather at a Mexican resturant on the edge of the community. Happy hour started at 11:30 a.m. The margaritas would flow, and everybody got happy and, apparently, horny. The main mode of transportation was golf carts, indeed the community was designed for, and encouraged this. There was also a tram, but, it was slow and unreliable. Stories began to filter in about a couple caught naked and fucking right on one of the cart trails, a woman exposing herself to car traffic from an overhead cart crossing, a man exposing himself from some woods off a cart trail. The community had its' own chickenshit security force, a cluster of Barney Fifes and a couple of Betty Bruisers, who turned most crimes over to the county police. They rode around on considerably faster quad runners, but, were largely ineffective in their roles. A drunk and delirious couple left a tavern one night, and stripped to their undies and jumped into one of the larger man made lakes in the community. Barney and Betty's big moment, they hauled them out, and tried to make an example. The couple was visiting from elsewhere, and wound up only being charged with public intoxication. But, these stories spread like wildfire, more embellished with each telling. They excited and titillated. Cindy came home from the pool one day and said a woman we called Jane Hathaway came on to her in the showers. " She asked to feel my boobs, so, I let her, then she wanted to suck 'em, so, I let her, then, she fingered me. Somebody walked in on us, so, we stopped. " I asked how she felt about it. "It really turned me on, not Jane, and not the feeling up, but doing something sexy in public." I understood, and we began riding the golf cart after dark, and getting nude and getting busy. I fucked her right on the back of the golf cart on an overpass, shooting my wad on car traffic below ! We were spotted and Barney and Betty came out, but, we had on clothes by then, and were over a mile away. We were feeding the rumor monster, proud to do our part. Cindy became teenaged in her excitement, and wanted to keep one-upping her own game. We fucked on one of the golf courses, right on the green, Cindy videoing me cumming in the hole. We invited the bi Jane Hathaway into our fold, and she would video us during nude cruising, and whatever else we could get into. Jane was as girlish as Cindy, and admitted, " I have been a goodie two shoes all my life, it's good to be the bad girl in my old age ! " One night when all I wanted to do was watch baseball, Cindy and Jane went out, got drunk at the tavern, asked two female patrons to join them, who asked six more, and they broke into our community pool for some ribald skinny-dipping. Barney and Betty arrive, and called for backup. The girls hurriedly dressed, and through cajoling, begging, and promises of never doing it again, managed to get let off with a bitchy warning. It was after that incident that cameras began going up everywhere, the price tacked onto everybody's homeowner fees. Lots of people were not happy about that. Already a conservative community, now the religious right got to rattle their battle axes. The thrill seekers simply went deeper underground. These days you have to be in the know, if you want to see the show. If you don't know, then, away you should go.


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  • A little off the mark here, in our 20's my wife and I would do some adventurous sex. We would go the state game lands in the summer, off season for hunters -- get naked and put our cloths in a gym bag and stash behind a tree. we'd drive 2 miles on a dirt road then walk 2 miles on a path (just flip flops) -- to top of this lookout point and fuck like crazy -- I think I knocked her up there. Once an airplane circled -- wife showed off her cowgirl skills.
    Then there was this seldom used park near our house. It had these huge old school swings. I would push my naked wife to unbelievable heights -- and she'd have orgasms pumping her spread legs -- then we'd fuck on the grass.

  • Great read! I only have one question...why fuck around with condoms? Fuck the shit out of them bareback, dude, and enjoy the ride!

  • Thanks. Unlike millennials, we old folks actually practice safe sex instead of just talking about it. No sense living this long just to catch AIDS, herpes, or some other genital rotting std !

  • Stop wanking buster, old folk don't have sex

  • <<< Cheerfully ignores your pissy advice and erroneous assertion.

  • Is it that community that made the news a few years ago for having the most STDS in the state. One of these old folks communites in Central Florida is full of swingers and the pharmacies had run out of medicine to treat these old bastrds because nobody uses a condom and herpes is rampant. Good going gramps.

  • An unsubstantiated rumor. I would explain more, but, I need to doctor this sore on my dick, junior.

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