Cock Worship

In middle school we had this kid in our physical education class who was effeminate and terrible at sports. It made him the target of bullies. After we would dress out, he would return to the locker room and shower, and take his sweet time dressing. His cock would slowly erect, and it was fucking HUGE ! He would caress it from time-to-time, nothing real obvious but guys would complain and chide him. It was the biggest I'd ever seen in real life. The coach would crawl his ass, and mutter, "Fucking queer ! " under his breath. I would sneak looks as I was interested. I even winked at him, but, he paid no mind.
One day a couple of guys I knew, vaguely, were pointing at him and laughing as he headed home from school. They told me, "We gonna fuck him up ! " I thought they were going to rape him, male-on-male rape a concept I'd only recently learned of. They knew he had to cut through a section of woods where kids rode and raced dirt bikes. I followed them to watch this happen, but, as it turns out, they each pissed in a couple of condoms and bombed the hapless kid with them. Then, they were going to beat him up, but decided differently, not wanting to get their own piss on themselves. They left, and I followed the weeping, piss-covered boy home.
I was friendly to him, and gained his confidence. His divorced mom worked until five p.m., so, he was home alone. He took off his clothes in the laundry room, down to his tighty whities, his huge cock, even soft, coiled and visible.
He started the washing machine, and walked inside. I followed him as he went to the bathroom, and turned on the shower. He looked at me shyly and asked me to wait in the kitchen. I told him I liked watching him shower. "You do ? " he asked in wonder. "Yes !" I told him. So, he peeled off the jockeys, and got in the shower, soaping and rinsing, his cock getting semi-hard. When he got out and was drying off, I made a grab for it and he danced away in shock. I begged him to let me touch it, and after much refusal he relented and let me stroke it to full erection. It was a fucking beauty, long thick shaft, large flared glans, huge balls, profuse pubic hair. He produced a ruler and he measured, from the base of his shaft to the tip of his glans, 9 1/2 ". He allowed me to jerk him to completion, but not suck it.
"Another time, " he promised. So, we began a secretive relationship where I would ignore him in school, but, follow him home, where he eventually let me suck him off. He sucked me too. He also wanted to kiss which I wasn't okay with. At some point I realized I cared nothing for him, I just wanted his cock. He knew it, too, but had no friends otherwise.
When school let out for the summer, I didn't see him as much, only when we would frequent the same swimming pool. I was interested in the girls we went to school with, he was interested in the boys. All the girls cared about the much older, tanned and muscular lifeguard. Nobody used the locker room except for the toilets. I went in one day to take a dump and found Roberta ( my cock buddy ) and the lifeguard in a stall, Roberta getting his pole sucked. I wanted to tell every girl there, but, stayed mum. Roberta was barred from the pool when he was caught masturbating in the locker room with a fat sissy kid. He and the fat sissy kid became friends, or, so I heard.
He never returned to school in the fall, his mother enrolling him in a private school. He eventually left town for a bigger city. I would have other cocks over the years, but, none as big and beautiful as his.


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  • I went to school with a boy all the other boys nicknamed "Horse". He was junior when I was a freshman, and I was in his PE class. My first day I found out why they called him horse. His cock was as long, as it was from my elbow to my hand. I wanted so badly to drop to my knees and worship his cock. Little did I know I would get my chance a couple month later when he gave me a ride home from school. After that day we become really great friends, and still are to this day.

  • I heard about a kid in my 8th grade class who had the biggest cock, and he was actually getting blow jobs from older girls. He and I were in the locker room alone and he took his cock out to do some bragging. It was monstrous. I stared at it for a few moments and he said to me "Touch it, come on touch it. I was afraid he would tell other class mates so I just made girly noises and said no. Well, I wish I had now. He was hypersexed and probably would have come just to my touch. Oh well.

  • Imagine the bragging rights this gave the kid! This is to say nothing of the jealousy of the older boys, who likely knew exactly why the kid was getting what they weren't. Some guys are born for this. To him who has much, more will be given.

  • This is a great story, and obviously true given the depth of your emotional detail. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks, glad you liked it. The fact is, I was too young and immature for much emotional attachment. I was driven by lust. I regret that he was reduced to a large body part.

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