The Day of the Hairy Anus

In the year 2009, when America was fully in the teeth of the Great Recession, for the first time in my life I became unemployed. I worked in industrial construction, and the work just fell off to nothing. I went on unemployment as many others had. I had been married for quite a few years, my wife having an excellent job with a major utility, and she had always been better employed, higher salary, great benefits. I would wake before her, make coffee and breakfast and get on the computer looking for jobs, trying to wrangle an interview. It became real depressing, real fast. To make extra money on the down low I would mow lawns. One day while trying to finish a yard as a thunderstorm approached, high winds blew a pine tree down on me, breaking my right leg just below the knee. Thank god for my wife's benefits ( which included me ), I got my leg fixed but was put on Oxycontin for the pain. Goddamn what a wonderful way to be disabled ! At least, at first, anyway.
A neighbor also became unemployed around this time. Rosalynn worked in the healthcare industry , supposedly the only line of work, still hiring. I took it as a really bad sign of the times until I found out she had fucked herself up by screaming at a supervisor one too many times. She wasn't laid off, like myself, she was fired, and couldn't get unemployment. Her husband took it badly, brow-beating the shit out of her for being so stupid. My wife began doing the same to me. Our frequent dinner parties became things of mental torture for Rosa and I. She responded by drinking more, and doing all the drugs I could procure, mainly pot and the Oxycontin. I quit job-hunting and went into physical therapy, three days a week, four hours a day. Rosa found a job in medical transcription online, but had too many distractions in the at home work environment. An office job also curtailed her tendency to drink, early in the day, and / or drug use, and being at home allowed her to imbibe full time. She couldn't make both activities work.
I'm a dog, and sometimes I'm a dirty dog. Rosa and I began our own morning thing. We'd both log in, answer e-mails, message each other and I'd roll a joint and grab a couple of 10 mg Oxys, and limp around the corner to her house. I tried to get her to back off of the alcohol by substituting drugs. Taking a Bic lighter, I'd crush two oxys into a pile of pink powder. I'd split it with a credit card, and cut out two equal lines. We'd snort up, then, fire up the joint. What resulted was a free form as well as fucked-up rap session. We told things about ourselves we hadn't even told our spouses. Our flirtations turned into cuddle sessions that involved making out. She was an excellent kisser. My wife wasn't. I would get extremely hard, but made no attempt to feel her up, or try to fuck her. The last shreds of holding out, I guess. One day, after getting high, she suggested watching porn on her laptop. Rosa was a tall strawberry blonde, with Nordic looks, fiery green eyes, narrow hips and two prominent 38 DD breasts. I asked her if she'd considered making amateur porn for money, and she laughed. "With who ?" she wondered. "Your husband," I suggested, and she really whooped it up. "That fucking sissy ? He doesn't even like pussy, he hasn't even tried to fuck me in seven years ! " I took it as her slamming a guy who wasn't there to object, then , I remembered some friends from Kansas City who thought he was gay when they met him. My own wife even thought he was gay when she first met him. " Besides, look at those bitches ! Most of them don't have pussy hair, and they SURE don't have hair on their asses, like me ! " she growled. I laughed and told her they would ignore her hairy ass and concentrate on those titties. She got up to go piss, and came back totally nude. Indeed her tits were magnificent to behold, very little sag, tipped with red-brown nipples. She had a flat belly, and below it a delta of red pubic hair. She stood before me, then, turned and bent over, spreading her ass cheeks revealing an anus surrounded with a ring of red hair that extended partly up her ass crack. "See ?" I chuckled and told her, " You could always shave for the movies, but, I'd rim you anyway ! I'd floss my teeth with those hairs ! " She straightened and looked at me wide-eyed. " Rim me ? Lick my asshole ? I've never had that done by anybody ! I mean...would you ? " I nodded and smiled and she led me by the hand to their guest bedroom. I undressed, my hardon looming out before me like an angry red snake. She gleefully grabbed me a bit too rough. I pushed her away and lay on the bed and pulled her on top of me in a sixty-nine position. She asked me to not come in her mouth, and began expertly sucking me as I tongued her gash, licking her clit, getting her off. She bucked wildly and grunted and shrieked her orgasms. Finally, I encircled that hairy, musky asshole, probing her sphincter, and her thighs shook in reaction. She moaned and gasped around my hard cock. I felt my pending orgasm and warned her. She pulled away, and bent my cock away from her. I shot out a huge load as I hadn't had any due to my leg, and my wife had really ceased sexual frequency years before. "Ewwwww, gosh, you shot out a fucking wad ! It got all over the wall ! " she mewled disgustedly, flinging residue off her long fingers. She went for a washcloth, while I rested. She was fussy about wiping down the wall, and I wrestled her back into bed and cuddled her, felt and sucked those titties and fucked her, with some difficulty, in the missionary position. I pulled out before coming and sprayed her welcome mat of soft red hair. I handed her the washcloth but she bounded up and went for a shower. I dressed and left, leaving her a fat roach to smoke with her first glass of white zin of the day.
There are three basic rules for life : 1. Never eat at a place called " Mom's " 2. Never play cards with anybody named "Lucky" 3. Never fuck anybody with more problems than yourself. I would come to rue breaking rule #3.

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  • That hairy asshole sounds delicious! I’d have sniffed and licked it for as long as she wanted

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