Anal cherry

I’ve been married 20 years and my husband has never really tried messing with my ass. Every one in a while I masturbate and touch my asshole, it feels good, but I don’t really stick anything up there.
I went to a conference for work and on the plane met this guy from Dallas. I’m 45 and he’s 32. We talked on the plane and had a real connection. He didn’t check a bag but he walks with me to baggage claim. I’ve never cheated so when he didn’t ask for my number and we went separate ways I thought nothing would happen.
I got to my hotel room later that night and there’s a message. I told him where I was staying and my name, he called and said he if I wanted to he’d love to talk again.
I kind of freaked out. My heart is beating like crazy. My pussy is tingling.
Am I going to do this? Can I?
Fuck it. I call. He was staying across town, but when we talk he says guess where I am? Your hotel I say? No. I’m in the lobby of your hotel.
OH SHIT I think. He wants to fuck me. He came here thinking he would. That he could.
Am I gonna do this??
He says Meet me for a drink in the bar?
I have coworkers at this conference. I can’t be seen with him.
But... fuck it.
Ummmmm. Why don’t you bring a drink up to my room?
Really? he says a little too excitedly.
Yeah I’ll take a Long Island iced tea. I figured I needed something strong to go through with this.
He’s at my door. I open it and he comes in.
It’s awkward. Clumsy. He’s standing there with his drink. I put mine down and take his and put it down. Then.. fuck it...
I kiss him full on the mouth and hard. I tell him I know why you’re here. He laughs and finally starts to loosen up. He says God you’re hot. And he is too. Tall. Broad shoulders. Nice brown hair and clean shaven. Chiseled features.
I’m drunk. I don’t mean the alcohol as I only had a sip of my drink. I mean my judgment is clouded. My pussy is on fire. I can’t remember ever feeling myself getting wet so fast. The biology behind that amazes me.
And then his face changed. From a nice, charming smile to something more serious. I have to think mine did too. He kisses me. He towers over me. Easily twice my weight as I’m 5,2 and 110.
I realize we are standing by the window and my coworkers are at the pool having drinks. They can see my room. And the light are on. I move toward the bed and he stands there by the window. He started taking his clothes off. Oh shit. He works out. He’s tan. He’s, wait for it, pants down, I can see he’s not hard but there’s a bulge, I’m not looking at his face,, and then....
Yes. Yes it’s a nice one.
Mmmm I say. You’ve got a nice big one.
He gets on the bed with me and in a few minutes I’m naked. He touches my cunt and I feel his finger slide right in. He pulls back, brings it to his face, licks it and closes his eyes. He said oh my god Pam, I’m going to HAVE to eat your pussy! He goes down and aside from being worried I’m too wet, it’s amazing. I’m so on fire I have an orgasm in like 3 minutes. I pull him up, he kisses me and I’m a little shocked by the taste of my pussy for the split second before his cock enters me. Completely enters me. I feel our pubic bones touching. I feel his cock in my belly. Touching what must be my cervix. I’d never felt that before. Never been penetrated so deeply. And he just holds me there. He starts to grind his hips. Moving just enough that I feel it moving my insides around.
And then. In slow motion the thoughts come. Holy shit. He’s fucking me. I’m being fucked. Cheating. His DICK is in me. With no protection. God he’s big. God he’s hot. My god that feels good and I want it. Cheating. Fucking. Adultery. Yes. I hold his huge, muscular body with my arms. I feel his body heat. His weight pressing down. His grinding continues. Ohhh. Matt. Yes. Fuck me I whisper. What? He says. I know he wants me to say it.
Fuck me I say a little louder.
What do you want baby?
Oh god.
What do you want?
And he’s does. He pulls all the way out, then all the way in. Nice and slow. I feel every inch. I wrap my legs around him and pull him into me I start to move with him. Fucking him back. Feeling that cock punch my cervix over and over. It hurts a little but god I want it more.
He says oh shit. Oh god. I’m coming! And I just pull him harder into me. I feel his cock twitch and the heat of his come. Deeper inside of me than ever. He stays on top while we catch our breath. He rolls off and I can feel the come. Like buckets. Flowing out of me. I start to get up to clean up but he stops me. Hold me. Kisses me. Pulls me on top and holds me. I just look at his face and he squeezes my ass. The connection is so strong. Jesus I want this guy. He starts playing with my asshole. Then puts his finger in it. I feel him growing under me. He puts it between my cheeks and starts working it. With all the come and my juices it is wet. Really wet. He’s pushing his dick into my crack.
He asked.. can I have this? What?! Can I do you back here?
Oh shit.
Ummm, uhhh. I uh. Well I don’t know. I never have.
So I could be your first? he says.
It’s so exciting. Being with this man. Being so turned on. I felt butterflies like I was in Jr high or something. I hadn’t felt something like this in many years. It’s amazing that I could be so taken with something so fast. I had literally met him only hours before. And now his come is oozing out of my pussy. His cock between my cheeks. Rubbing my anus. MY ANUS! And wanting it. Wanting me. I was drunk. Completely intoxicaed.
He said the trick is to go slow. Don’t rush it. Let me play with it a while. get you relaxed and loosened up. He keeps rubbing me and fingering me like that. Then he lays me on my belly on the bed. Puts a pillow under my hips. Lays beside me and fingers me. It wasn’t real comfortable. He’s using his spit as lube now. I can feel he is really trying to stretch me with one finger. Pressing in all directions. Then he tells me ok, now push out.. and he is working two fingers in. It hurts. I tense. He comforts. Says relax and try to push out.
Ohhh. God. I’m not sure I want this. I know I want him. To make him happy. I want to endure it for him. This stranger. Why.
He’s on top of me. Now rubbing his dick back there. Pressing. Relax and push out he says.
And I do.
And... there’s a dick in my ass. I’m 45 and for the first time in my life there is a dick in my ass. It hurts.
He holds still. Tells me he will go slow. Just relax and you’ll get used to it.
Ok. There we go. Yeah. Oh god. That’s deep. He’s fucking me. My ass. It was deep and it was different. He was fucking me harder than he had my pussy and just as it is starting to burn, that I was thinking I wanted it to be over, he grunts like an animal, jabs deep in me and comes.
It was a little embarrassing when he gets up and I saw his dick all smeared with brown and smelled what was strong and obviously the contents of my bowels. He cleaned up and spent the night, waking me the next morning with a hard on and another good fucking.
We stay in touch and get together every once in a while. Both are married so we set ground rules - this is ONLY sex.


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  • Good for you, girl. Don't let the prudes here get you down.

  • I love to fuck women in the ass. I love asses. I love to lick them then fuck them. I was with a woman that was 60 and never had her ass fucked. I fucked her ass and now she loves it. She wants it up her ass all the time. Did u enjoy it?

  • What slut. Not only do you cheat on your husband, but you give up your virgin ass to a stranger. Then you stay in touch for future fucks. I'm glad he got a good shit dick from the pile you were packing. I hope your husband is fucking his secretary bitch!

  • Lol

  • Great read

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