When was your first orgasm?

When was your first orgasm, and did it take you by surprise?

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  • I had orgasms for a year before I actually produced cum.....yes I was shocked.

  • 16 at a bachelorette party retreat spa, getting a full body massage, I had two orgasms before we even had sex

  • I was eleven when I kind of stumbled onto stroking my cock. I was surprised by my first incredible orgasm(no cum), but just as surprised the continuing pulses coming from my throbbing cock afterwards. The early ones were still intense making me go ooh. Then decreased in intensity, until my cock finally stopped throbbing and went soft. I couldn't believe you could make ones self feel so good, so I couldn't just stop. I tried a couple of times, but after a week or two, I always caved. It got to be a regular afterschool treat, before my mother got home from work. The first porn I watched made me cum right at the beginning almost, and then again about halfway through it. By high school I was jacking off two or three times a day, a couple times it was five. Then I got a girlfriend the summer I graduated, who got on birth control, and we fucked like rabbits. We couldn't get enough. Although due to time/availability due to parents, the most we had time to fuck was three times in a single day, and those days were few unfortunately.

  • I didn't know the name for it then, as I was young, but I used to have orgasms climbing poles on the playground. Something about the leg lifts and having my clit rubbing up against the pole as I went up and down that made me see stars just about every time. Let's just say pole climbing was my favorite activity during recess by far. The first time it happened it was like, "whoa, whoa, whoa, what is THAT?!?"

  • Female 25 here x
    i was 20, had a boyfriend for years and he never got me there, i thought he came close a few times but never did, wasn't till i cheated in him with an older man (47) that i had my very first orgasim. needless to say i saw him for months after until his wife found out x

  • I was 16 and had already lost my virginity to my 17 year old bf but he never could make me cum.It was when he was away and his 23 year old brother got me into bed that I had my first proper orgasm.It was a bit of a surprise as it slowly built up but then just hit me suddenly.He knew what he was doing too because I would fuck him again and he would get off first only using his tongue.

  • I’m a female and I was pretty young. We were home alone one day in summer. My brother walked in on me touching myself. He was eight right years older and he told me not to be embarrassed and showed me. How if I rubbed a certai way I’d get “the tinglies”.

  • When I was 14 and Watching my neighbor as she exercised with her window open. I’m pretty sure she knew I was always watching. She was recently divorced and many night she would walk around house in tiny panties and no shirt. I found myself wet and leaking cum. Then my hand started rub more and more. This went on for maybe 2 years until she started dating and moved out

  • I'm male, and it was four months before my thirteenth birthday. I had become fairly obsessed with rubbing my cock, not really knowing why. I wanted new ways of rubbing it with new things and had the idea to put my stiffie between two velvet throw pillows my mother insisted be on my bed. My parents and younger siblings were away for the week and I had been left in the care of a much older cousin. I had sneaked back to my house while she was busy with little ones of her own. I got completely naked and positioned the two pillows on my bed and stroked my dick to full boner, then, fucked those two pillows until the wonderful, ticklish feeling I had approached before grew in intensity and flooded my loins, toes, and cockhead, reached a kind of muscle tightening madness that culminated in my cock, and I spewed this white matter out. Honestly, I thought I'd broken something that could NEVER be fixed, which, I guess, in a way, was true. Weak with pleasure, I shakily cleaned up, wiped the goo off those pillows and my bedspread, got dressed and kept my " awful and nasty " secret to myself for months. I learned what had happened by listening to classmates, and looking at some Danish porno an older friend had procured. I remember being so relieved that I was normal.

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