Facefucked the bitch

Mouths have passed since i last screw my mates dirty bitch of a girlfriend, i posted previous times on here as i wanted to share but couldnt tell anyone. she went all cold on me and refused saying it would never happen again and she claims to be “being good and faithful” i thought it was a shame but accepted it till a few hours ago. hanging out round my mates and he gets a call to go help his mother out or something, leaving me at his with his girlfriend, shes been normal last few weeks as before she been cold and ignoring me. as soon as he was gone she was hangin around me, chatting shit etc till eventually i grabbed her and asked if she wanted to go again like before, she paused but then said she was on her period so no, after pushing her away thinking a lost cause she rubbed my cock thru my jeans, so i told her i wanted to use her mouth again, she told me “go on then” well shit, few seconds later i had the bitch on her knees, her brown hair in my hands fucking that cute mouth of hers, slow at first but i built up speed n roughness, pulling her from the kitchen into the living room, on her knees cock in her mouth. sat myself down and her sucking me off on the sofa on all fours, slapping her ass thru her jeans. i then took over and fucking her mouth harder and harder pushing my cock into her cheek and slapping her face with my other hand until i felt myself start to cum, i pushed her deep onto my cock and filled her mouth with my cum. felt so good, he nose ring digging into he base my cock at same time. she looked a right dirty bitch when i let go of her, cum pouring out her mouth and her eyes all watered, she fucked off upstairs and my mate came back few mins later, his pretty slut of a girlfriend got her pretty face fucked good. just hope i can screw her again soon

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  • My cousin has a girl that is so stupid, but so easy when she drinks alcohol. We don't know how she ever graduated from high school, she's 24 and still works as a cashier at the local supermarket. At the club dancing with her it was so easy to feel her up, I told her I wanted her and she said okay. I've had sex with her multiple times, even at my cousins place, and so did my brother and our other cousins. We text her in the middle of the night and she shows up, and after we're done she gets up and leaves, doesn't even stay.

  • Good on ya mate, i gota fight sometimes to get something from her but she wants it anyway. screwed her again this weekend, will post another as this time was even better than the previous few times

  • Ever fucked her in heels?

  • Yeah once in high heels but my fav was the time with her in boots, id love to have another go at her with her wearing them

  • Often look at my friends missus and wish i could stuff like that to her!

  • I know its bad but when i got her warm wet mouth slurping all over my cock its so worth it

  • I wish you would visit me and use my mouth like that, love a guy forcing his load down my throat.

  • Oh it would be my pleasure sweetheart! she has this this natural drool where salvia pours out her mouth as i move her head back and forth with such force, and then looking into her big brown eyes that just seem to except that is what she is good for. such a dirty bitch

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