Caught with cloths pins on my nipples

When I was about 14 or 15 and nobody was around, I would stay naked as long as possible . I used to play with my boobs all the time by putting cloths pins on them so my nipples hurt,I loved it . Then I got into putting them on my pussy lips and nipples. It was erotic . I couldnt wait for my parents to go to our mountain home. There were times I went a couple of days staying naked .
At night I'd wander out naked and play with myself for a long time. One night about 3 am I decided to get crazy and walk down our street to a park and do it naked. So I looked out,saw nobody , and walked the 10 or 12 houses down the street to the park. My pussy was soaked I can tell you and nipples hard as a rock . I was walking around about a half hour to forty minutes,with cloths pins on my nipples , and all of a sudden i see a guy about 30 smoking a cigarette and he said nice night for a walk .. I ran like hell , looked back to see if he was following,he wasnt,went inside house and masturbated after i calmed down. I went back several more times hoping to be seen again,but it never happened again. Im 20 now and im an exhibitionist .Love being nude outdoors and in public areas . Ive never been caught again, but i have a couple male friend i let watch me walk nude in parks , parking garages, old abandoned buildings , wherever .

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  • I love clothspins on my nipples I have some with very strong springs but do not leave them on any longer than 25 minutes at a time

  • I used to go to the gym quite often and would even walk around naked. A few times I masturbated in the steam room, the thrill that anyone could open the door at any minute was a huge turn on.

  • I know,I love that feeling. Makes it all that much better

  • The part is when you reach that “point of no return” when the orgasm starts.

  • You got that so right.

  • We should go outside naked and feel the cool air on your skin. It is very erotic and can lead to something more...

  • On the w2eek ends I love to go for naked walks thru the river side park near here. Every now and then I get caught and end up giving some guy a BJ and getting fucked by them but mostly it's just me enjoying a walk in the dark.

  • Wow you let them fuck you ? I never ran into that situation,not sure what id do.
    have fun

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