Crossdresser sex

Well yesterday my boyfriend said he had a surprise for me so I got all dressed up looking sexy for him and we got in his car and he drove way out into the country and went down this dirt road and park at this gate so we get out of the car and went into this beautiful field to this big tree he laid out a blanketand we laid down on it and look up at the sky and talk about everything under the sun then he started to rub my legs and than my body and then it was on so took out that massive cock and lick every inch of it and then he got me on my hands and knees and started licking my asshole and he put his cock so gently inside me and move very slowly I must of had a 100 orgasms it sure felt like it and when he let go it was so much cum it felt so good I screamed when it happen I had the most unbelievable orgasm in my life of course he ask me if I was ok I told him yes it was the greatest feeling of pleasure I have ever had so we just laid there holding each other until the sun went down so we went back to my place and I ask him if he would stay the night with me and he did it was the most beautiful time I think I ever had I going to make him breakfast in bed this morning who knows what can happen this morning yummy I am a crossdresser and my boyfriend loves me and that all it matters I love who I am and loving life

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  • You lucky lovely darling!! I am a 32year old transvestite and I have been dressing as a woman since my early teens. I have take great care of my skin not going out in the sun and using day and night cremes. I am slim, have long legs and hair and luckily small feet which fit ladies size 7 high heels! I have two married regular boyfriends who I see once a week for sex.

    I love silky ladies lingerie and floaty flowy dresses. I love wearing stocking and suspenders and I make sure that my undies all match in colour when I am dressed. I have a good sized penis with a very sexy foreskin and a large penis head. I am always erect when walking out, feeling the silkiness caressing my loins!!

    I love my boyfriends to have sexual intercourse with me and they are both bull males. We have never been out together as they both live locally to me and I also see their wives. We do however chat when we meet in the town and even when I'm dressed en-femme and one of them I see in the pub regularly.

    Enjoy your life and I loved your post.

  • Good on you darling

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