What does your wife’s pussy smell like?

I absolutely love the smell of a woman’s pussy. It’s such a turn on the take off her pants, pull down her panties and sniff and lick her pussy making her cum. My wife has a musky deep scent, sometimes mixed with a slightly mild pee scent, awesome!

What does your wife's pussy smell like?

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  • Ammonia

  • My wife's pussy has a sweet musky smell and taste. Theres times I would rather eat it than fuck it. However if the truth be known I like eating her pussy the best right after she returns from her work out at the gym. Expecially if we had sex before she went.

  • My wife’s pussy is a stronger scent , her sister has more of a musky pee mix and their mothers pussy is more like the sisters. Yes I am a hamper diver.

  • In my experience a woman's vagina has a common scent, the musk scent that you mentioned. I have been with eight women in my life and they all had similar scents to me but what surprises me the most is flavor. They all tasted different which must have something to do with diet, I love the taste of my wife's pussy from the first time I got my tongue on and in it. There is just a sweetness to it that I have never had with any other woman.

  • I agree - there is a common musky smell that drives me wild but every pussy tastes slightly different. My favourite is licking my wife first thing in the morning - I love it when she has gone for her morning pee and then comes back to bed. If she knows we’re going to fuck, she’ll come back through dangling her panties from her finger and lets me know that she hasn’t used any toilet paper to wipe, knowing I love to taste the salty pee on her pussy lips.
    I also love to get her down on her knees on the bed with her ass in the air so I can lick her from behind with my nose near her ass. That very faint smell of shit from her asshole before she’s showered drives me wild as I plunge my tongue into her wet fuckhole.

  • I like the smell of a nice pussy. With a little pee scent. Don’t like fishy and I like the smell of a slightly dirty asshole

  • Yeah me too. 69 with her on top drives me nuts. The smell of both ass and pussy, clean of course, is so darn intoxicating! Sometimes get a whiff of her sexy ass when I f uck her doggy, again it’s clean, but being in tight pants or spandex enhances the scent!

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