Step daughter is so fucking hot

I've been married to my wife since her daughter was 5. She's now 18. My wife has never been afraid to be naked. She will shower and just come out of the shower either totally naked or towel wrapped around her waist. Her daughter, Stacy, has been doing the same since the was little. Now that she's 18, she is drop dead gorgeous. Bathroom is on one side of the living room and the bedrooms are on the other. Stacy will shower and then walk through the living room naked. I only started to pay attention a few months ago.

She shaves her pussy. Leaves a bit of a landing strip. Clit piercing. Only reason I know is from her walking through the living room and because of her anatomy you can see the piercing without her legs being open. Perfect D cup breasts. Part of me wishes I hadn't noticed how fantastic she looks because I can't help but look as she walks past me. I don't think shes doing it to start anything. Just been around long enough that I'm just dad.

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  • Here's what you do. When Stacy's in the shower, take off your clothes and wait for her to come out. Have her find you stroking yourself. I mean, why not? Your wife and she are perfectly OK with prancing around in the nude right in front of you, why shouldn't you be OK with gratifying yourself in front of them? See what happens when Stacy sees your strokes accelerate when she walks into the room.

  • Have you tried finding her used knickers? Adds a whole different feel to it you know how she smells...! 😉

  • You should give her a fuck you know she wants it you could compare the difference in mum an daughter pussy or who sucks cock better

  • Your step daughter only walks naked because she wants you to see her, and want her. She's heard her mom moaning when you are having sex, and Stacy wants you to do the same to her.

  • You should convince her to let you put a padlock through her cunt, then she won't get fucked till you want her to

  • I know how you feel - I have a similar thing - not fortunate enough for a naked peek but she's stunning too. I bet you have had a few wanks thinking about her sliding up and down your cock!! It's only natural!

  • Yah I agree ..have you wanked over your step daughter

  • Absolutely - have sniffed and wanked into her worn knickers too....felt wrong but loved it! ;-)

  • Nothing wrong about it. I've taken pics of my stepdaughter, and i'd love to hear more about yours. Email me,

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