My husbands small penis

Need help or advise. My husbands penis is only 2 and a half inches fully erect and its inverted when he’s soft. I cant feel him at all and it keeps poping out. Its really a turn off also when hes soft because there is nothing there. Need help

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  • I love small dicks. They are lots of fun. My husband is only 4 inches and we have lots of fun. Try fingering and him going down on you also. You can also use toys. My husband said he wants me to have sex with men who are larger. I'm considering it but don't want to ruin things. I told him what if I fall for a man with a larger penis doing this. He thinks it's worth the risk but I'm not sure.

  • I had a similar issue. My husband cock wasn't quite a small as you husband, my husband is 5.5 inches long but really thin. I myself over the years have grown to like bigger cocks. I started buying huge dildos. The bigger the better, in fact I have a couple that will always rip my pussy opening a little if I don't use enough lube.
    My husband as grown to know this is what I like. He has allowed me to go our and find guys that can satisfy my needs. I just can't bring them home. But when I do get home I'll always suck his cock for him, while either fist fucks me or use one of my massive dildos on me.
    It's really improved our sex life.

  • So why the fuck did you marry him? Nobody's fault but yours. Buy yourself a big dildo and tell tour hubby to use it on you, or file for divorce and find some buck knee grow to fuck.

  • Not much from the original poster. You wonder.

  • She is probably too embarrassed to actually post again. If my hubbies penis was that small I wouldn't tell anyone except my lawyer. But then again I wouldn't have married a man with such a tiny dick.

  • Probably an ugly old hag that could not get a decent prick into her and just wants to complain about the only guy that would go anywhere near her.
    For her I would suggest trying a dog.

  • Dildos

  • Just get a frigin jockey on the job OK / its the only answer

  • Size does vary, but your husband’s case is on the extreme end of the curve. This ought to have been disclosed and discussed before marriage. Was it?

    Facing this with him won't be easy, but I think you have to do this. The present clearly isn't acceptable, and if this isn't faced and resolved, your disinterest will soon turn to resentment. Resentment will grow and become first anger and then rejection. This will affect your marriage seriously.

    You cannot have what happy couples consider a 'normal' relationship on the terms you describe. Because of your husband's anatomy, you are going to have to NAVIGATE this relationship with him. You must find ways to 'make' this work. He must be 'on-board,' and you are going to have to lead him. Write me --

  • If he is over weight it will help if he loses the weight. I've seen so many fat nudist where the penis was actually buried in the fat.

  • Tongue works? maybe get a strap on and a penis sleeve / extender?

    Or come ride me if you're in south florida.

  • Sweetie, you can't go on like that it's not fair to either of you. At one point my husband was great then it's like it happened over night, he lost his sex drive. Had a friends son stay with us while he attended college, that was a great 4 years, we were each other's sex buddy


    Write me.

  • Darling you have to get another guy on the job, try talking to your husband about it, I had exactly the same problem and although I really love my husband I need sex so bad, I started going with a young stud from work a really nice guy with a beautiful cock, he stays over between 2 to 4 nights a week and often calls by on the weekend, when he is due my husband stays in the granny flat down the back or goes to his mothers place it is such a great situation

  • This is a good solution, however have you considered keeping hubby around? He can fix drinks, take care of the house and of course watch you enjoy your young stud.

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