Masturbation with dildo

I'm a straight male but sometimes I like to stick a dildo in my ass when I jerk off. I see porn videos were men make themselves cum by using a dildo and not touch their cocks. Yes I know all about the prostate. It feels like I'm gonna cum but I don't. Any suggestions.

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  • I have a very large thick 10" rubber cock with a big mushroom head that shoots fake cum. It has a suction cup base and big nuts. I mix up a bunch of the fake cum lube up and stick my big dick to the end of our bed then I have to go very slow because it is very thick and hard to take in my ass.
    Once it goes in I can ease back on it slowly and my dick gets rock hard and my asshole is stretched to the limit then the last couple of inches are difficult o take at first but as soon as I shove my ass back and feel the big nuts touching mine I cum like crazy until my nuts are empty but I am still trying to cum. I leave it deep in my ass awhile then start to fuck myself and like to watch in a mirror so I can see this huge rubber dick fucking my tight asshole and using the entire length feels very good and I will fuck my ass for a very long time and shoot countless loads of fake cum deep in my ass and have it dripping off my nuts and running down my inner thighs and I go until I am exhausted and out of fake cum. I like watching in the mirror when the big head pops out of my asshole and a big stream of fake cum pours out of my ass and runs off my nuts.
    It feels so good to cum just having such a huge fake cock balls deep in my ass and I cum several times and hardly ever touch my dick but like to cum in my hand then lick it up while I fuck my ass. Just when I get horny and no one is around but me. Yes I know what it is like to have a wild hands free cum with a huge dick 10" deep in my ass. Try it you will enjoy it.

  • When I ride my black buddys hard dick I cum without touching my dick.

  • Ride it

  • I fuck a black mag light in my ass

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