Huge cocks

I’m a straight man who has only been with women my entire life. I must admit tho, the sight of a huge erect cock with tight balls gets me so horny. I’ve jerked off to the same video of a woman jerking and sucking the most magnificent hard cock multiple times. In the video she’s saying that the viewer(me) would love to suck the big cock- I think I would , she’s right! I fantasize about that huge dripping cock sliding into my mouth and my tongue licking it from the tip all the way to his asshole . The best part for me is when she doesn’t touch the cock for a few minutes, it stands straight up in the air , just a phenomenal hard on, waiting to be sucked. It looks incredible and makes me beat off every time I see it.

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  • Gloryholes are the best. You can suck cocks of all shapes and sizes. Drink there cum, or let it splash you in the face. Best part is, you never have to look them in the face or know who they are.

  • Has a guy ever pushed his asshole up to the gloryhole so you could rim him? I would like to be the receiver of a long wet tongue slobbering all up and down my crack.

  • I love watching a big cock going in and out of a ass.

  • I love watching a large cock cum ! I love the way the head gets all purple and shiny, the shaft stiffens even harder, and the pearly white ropes of spunk leap out, spurt after spurt. I particularly love it if the guy is hairy and it sprays all over his chest and belly. Fuck yes !

  • The way a stiff cock stands at attention looks so fucking horny to me, I get so turned on! It’s almost like the cock is saying” come and look at me, I need to be jerked and sucked” Huge purple cock heads are awesome I agree. I love when the big balls are all tight and full of jizz,mmm

  • I find indulging in your fantasies in a safe environment with an understanding partner can be sooo enlightening! I had an awakening similar to yours a couple of months ago and have felt true pleasure after indulging in my fantasies. So find a willing partner and get to sucking you slut! 😈

  • Oh look! Another bi guy comes out!

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