I want to make my husband a cocksucker

I'm a 28 yr old marred female. I have just recently given birth to our third child. I've always taken great care of my body, so with just having a baby, I still look good. My husband can't keep his hands off me. Expecially since my breast are now full of milk all the time, our baby isn't consuming as much as I'm producing. So what our baby doesn't drink my husband finishes. I love the feeling, and watching my husband nurse on my breasts. The way he sucks on them, and the way he works my nipples with his tongue, drives me over the edge with an awesome orgasim. I've been wondered how he would be at sucking a mans cock. Because it's still to soon to have sex since giving birth, my pussy is off limits for another 4 weeks. I get off a few times a day when my husband finishes off what our baby leaves behind in my boobs. However my poor husband has to rely on me giving him a blow job or jacking off. I fantasize alot about watching my husband doing 69 with another man.
So what I'm asking is.......
Are there any other ladies out there that have the same fantasy or have witnessed this?

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  • About two years ago my husband reconnected with one of his best friends from high school. They constantly hung out at the gym and I noticed my husband was really getting back in shape ,honestly he looked great. He decided to put a small gym in our basement that became their many meeting place . A few days a week they were in the basement working out. One afternoon I got called into work to cover for a co worker, I went down to the basement were they were working out to let my husband know I was leaving. I stood in shock looking at my husband on his knees sucking his friend's cock. Both of them were completely nude my husband had one hand on his own dick the other wrapped around his friend's while sucking it. I backed out of the room not saying a word and left them to their fun. When I got home and we were in bed I asked him how long he had been sucking his friend's cock? There was a lot of stuttering but after I told him I saw him he admitted it started a few weeks before. He said they would get horny working out and one thing just lead to the other. Looking back on that day it does turn me on, they are both pretty hot especially now that my husband has gotten back in shape.

  • Just an update.
    My husband has agreed to let me watch him suck another man's cock. Of course I had to agree to terms. I have to let him tongue my ass hole and then fuck my ass, something I think is nasty. But it will be worth it to see him swollow a mans cum.

  • Let us know how it goes for you sweetie.

  • Once he sucks another guy's cock he won't stop at just once. He will be sucking cock on a regular basis.

  • Myself and my wife were at my friend's house for a bbq . We had been drinking and having a good time most of the day. Towards the end of the night the four of us are sitting around talking when my wife says " Jenny ( my friend's wife) wants to know if you would ever let a guy give you a blowjob. I was like where the hell did that come from? Then looked at my friend and could see his face getting red from embarrassment. Jenny tells me it's a fantasy or hers to watch a guy get sucked by another guy and wanted to see her husband sucking a dick. I said I didn't think I would want a guy sucking me to which my wife tells me I should go for it , close you eyes and enjoy it. Again I looked at my friend and asked if he was really up for it, he sheepishly shrugged and told me she really wants me to do it for her and has wanted it for years. I looked at my wife and she was all smiles telling me to be a good sport and let him suck your dick. I relented and let him blow me in front of both our wives to them cheering him on. Months later his wife is talking to my wife complaining that its all her husband talks about, he is obsessed with wanting to do it again. She thought it was hot that night but now that he is constantly bringing it up that he wants to suck another dick she has lost all interest and isn't into it at all. As others have warned be careful what you wish for.

  • Most guys have wondered what it would be like to suck off another guy. Tell him that you want to see him doing it with a total strangers and that it really turns you on

  • Be careful what you wish for, because it could be a part of your marriage forever.

    --Divorced wife speaking from experience.

  • Were you the one who initiated the idea of your husband sucking some guy's cock? What happened to make it so bad for you you divorced?

  • Here is how that will go. You ask if he would let a guy suck him off. He says, "No way. Im not gay." Because women like to play that kinda game to see what their man will say and it will start a fight. Or he will say the same thing because he's just not interested.

  • Years ago my husband and I decided to try having a threesome( his suggestion) . We met one guy that I liked and after dinner and drinks we invited him back to our room. My husband started things off pretty quick, getting my shirt and bra off ,kissing and sucking mt nipples while waving the other guy to join. Pretty soon we are all naked on the bed, well it turned out the guy was more into my husband than he was into me and to my surprise my husband let this guy suck his dick. They did doth fuck me but it was clear the guy liked my husband more as he kept going back to playing and sucking him. A few weeks went by and my husband asked if I would want to invite this guy back for another go. I jokingly said he just wanted him to suck his cock again which he didn't deny .I agreed to meet him again knowing this was turning my husband on.

    Our second meeting started out pretty much like the first only this time the guy went for my husband's cock without hesitation. It was obvious from the moans my husband was really enjoying it too. I was kissing and talking dirty to my husband letting him enjoy the blowjob he was getting. Again they did both end up fucking me so we all left satisfied. After that my husband brought it up more often and I started referring to this guy as my husband's boyfriend while we had sex and dirty talked. I noticed he got very aroused when ever I would ask if he wanted his boyfriend to come over and give him head. One night we are in bed and he started saying he wanted to us get together again. While we were talking about it , playing with each other and again me referring to him as his boyfriend I side we could but only if he promised to suck his boyfriend's cock this time.He just blurted out that he promised and immediately started cumming just from me stroking his cock. True to his word he sucked his boyfriend's cock on our next meeting with him.

  • I think it would be awesome to watch by husband suck a mans cock. It make me wet just thinking about it. I mean I like sucking his cock, and drinking his cum. I've read and heard that most men secretly deep down inside have at one time or another fantastized about sucking another mans cock. Is this really true? If so how do I go about asking my husband if he would like to do it?

  • Darling why not try getting him to agree to being locked in a cock cage should not be too hard, when you are the keyholder he will do everything you want.
    How good would that be ?

  • Ohhh don't go down that road is my advice for you.

  • Oh I know my husband would never go for it anyway. But its my little fantasy, for now.

  • Fantasy are all good. U could try role playing with your husband and you pretend to bring I guy home from a bar. And u start teasing them and they take out their cocks and start jerking off. Then u start sucking the stranger's cock and have him join in. See how he reacts but u have tell him how turned on u are.

  • Think about this. Guys know what guys need. What if it's definitely better with the guy?

  • Better really think seriously about this usually these situations end in tears, don't turn your husband into a cocksucker it is filthy and dirty

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