I want to make my husband a cocksucker

I'm a 28 yr old marred female. I have just recently given birth to our third child. I've always taken great care of my body, so with just having a baby, I still look good. My husband can't keep his hands off me. Expecially since my breast are now full of milk all the time, our baby isn't consuming as much as I'm producing. So what our baby doesn't drink my husband finishes. I love the feeling, and watching my husband nurse on my breasts. The way he sucks on them, and the way he works my nipples with his tongue, drives me over the edge with an awesome orgasim. I've been wondered how he would be at sucking a mans cock. Because it's still to soon to have sex since giving birth, my pussy is off limits for another 4 weeks. I get off a few times a day when my husband finishes off what our baby leaves behind in my boobs. However my poor husband has to rely on me giving him a blow job or jacking off. I fantasize alot about watching my husband doing 69 with another man.
So what I'm asking is.......
Are there any other ladies out there that have the same fantasy or have witnessed this?

2.7 years ago

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    • On honeymoon in Cancun the 2nd night she hooked with club crawl tour guide. I was sent back to the resort. She returned at 7:30am next morning. The 3rd night we went to a club known for swingers. The door man was a big black man. At some point she talked to him. Told him i was cuckold and now she wanted me to be faggot cuckold. She took me to a back room made me get on my knees and suck his big black cock. Now many years later i still suck cock, when she tells me to, where she tells me to, and to whoever she tell s me to.
      I suck a lot of cock for my wife.

    • Bull shit what makes you believe the doorman is a fag? If anything he would be going after pussy, not some sissy assed fag with a cock cage on!

    • If he won’t do it, I will!

    • I am a older white guy with a nice sized cock ( i wish my cock was fatter) but i am glad that there are women out here that like to see a guy wearing panties and sucking another guys cock we need more of you out here..i like sucking a guys dick, but only in front of a woman i don't like the taste of cum, but if the woman is telling me how sexy it is to watch as cum fills my mouth and she wants to see cum running down my chin

    • Same here. Think it so exciting to have my wife watch me suck cock. I love cock in my mouth

    • Married white male, 35 yo.

      I get SO hard when a woman forces me to homosexual things. I got a small cock so I couldn't pleasure a woman anyways. I'd be better off as a chastity belted or castrated sissy (all small penis white men should have this done to them). Make me grow breasts and get implants. Throw out all of my clothes and make me crossdressing 100% of the time, even though my linebacker shaped body makes me impassable.

      I want my woman to openly cuckold me. Give me creampies to lick up, force me to put out for your bulls. Make me help raise their black babies you birth, i'll claim they're mine when asked.

      Pimp me out. Force me to go from bi to gay while laughing and making fun of me for it. I really want to be slapped, punched, and spat on by a woman as she puts me through all of this. It's just not as fun without a woman dominating me along the way, getting off on abusing me every step of the way.

      Email me. Tell me what things you'd to a pervert like me. Make fun of me, insult me. Threaten to tell my wife and family, maybe blackmail me. Or do everything you can to ruin my life and publically shame me. I'd love to have an online female friend equally perverted pressuring me to do things, but no real life interaction.


    • My second wife ( still married to today ) I told I was Bi curious and like wearing panties . She tossed my briefs out nd bought me all panties right away . Over a year she would call me a cocksucker and tell me she wanted to see me do it and get fucked . It started one night with a friend of mine . She made me watch him fuck her while I jacked off in my panties . The next night she taught me to suck his cock together . Then he told us he used to have sex with a family member and his wife and would let me suck him and have sex with him while my wife watched . Next day I sucked and swallowed as my wife recorded it and watched . Then he fucked me as she recorded . We had fun for a few weeks and then he moved so I have had no fun from that time and I miss it .

    • Just out of highschool and 18 I accidentally started dating a married girl 8 years older than me and her hubby was 15 years older than me.
      She wanted to see him suck my dick. He didn't want to do it but she threatened him with no more sex if he didn't.
      So . . he did. I made him choke on it. His wife had an orgasm just watching me enjoy his mouth . . LOL

    • Tell him to go ahead and suck the dick it will be erotic, I did...

    • My ex let me suck all her lovers

    • I am a bi/gay man, really more gay then bi. Been married to my wife for 32 years, she knew I was gay even before we were married. We have been friends since kindergarden. She ended up getting pregnant at 19 by another man, who dumped her, so I asked her to marry me and she said yes. I guess we'd always secretly cared for each other, but never said anything.
      Anyway I am very super tiny in the cock area. Just to give you an idea how small. When I have an erection my cock is only about an inch long, that includes the head, and about a 1/2inch thick. So you see there is no way I could ever satisfy a woman. So throughout our entire marriage I've allowed my wife to fuck whoever she wants too, and I have my gay friends. We do share a lot of our male friends/sex partners. She really enjoys watching me suck the guy cock and get it nice and hard before he fucks her. Of course I get to clean them both up afterwards. Then I usually will suck him hard again, and let him fuck my ass, but I always take is second load of cum in my mouth.
      So you see you can have the perfect marriage. Sex is just that, Sex, so why not do what you enjoy, don't get hung up on titles. We are proof that two people can truly love each other, and never reallyhad actual intercourse. Yes I perform oral sex on her, and use strapons on her, but my cock has never been in her pussy. However I would wager to say she has had more sex with men during our marriage, then most women have had with there husband's.
      Like I said its a perfect marriage, and just to let you know, besides our child she was pregnant with when we got married, she/we have had 5 others. Yes I know there not biologically mine, but I love them just the same.

    • I have made my husband Bryan suck cocks for years but he is not a man but a nasty cuckold he is so pathetic

    • I've had the pleasure of having six different women watch me give a blow job. Every one of them enjoyed it, and asked me to let them know when I was going to give a blow job next time.

    • Well my wife has asked me to suck her strap on . But never to suck a man's cock even to the point she wants a squirting strap on now to see it ooze out my ass. I think she would disown me but I am down to suck a tranny cock .

    • My wife told me one of her fantasies is to watch another man suck my cock. I was like wow, ok & pulled out her life like cock and sucked on it & she quickly squirted and it was a Huge turn on for us both. Never experienced anything & am definitely in wonders since my wife done this. What turned me on was how excited she got!!! How much more she cum & how intense she was trembling - specially when I started gagging! Different but got me thinking & would like to know more bout this. Any info is much appreciated cuz I honestly don’t know what to do. I role play it out in bed for her & enjoy it but that’s bout it as she says it will never happen. Somewhat open minded but I think that’s all she wanted as to role play lol. I’m not sure.

    • I Love Sucking Cock. I have ten different men experiences the last three after I got married. When my wife and I are having passionate sex our talking to each other gets pretty descriptive! She's aware of my love for cock sucking!🥒💦👅❤

    • Yes plenty have I'm one who sucks cock for my wife to enjoy and I love sucking black cock in front of her it has made our sex life so great as many many women enjoy watching their husband swallow another man's cock and cum

    • My wife loves to watch me suck cock and swallow cum

    • Would you like to suck my cock and swallow my cum, i might even suck your cock if your wife will watch

    • I would love my wife to ask me I would suck cock all day for her

    • I want to suck your cock

    • I’d be happy to do it nice clean cock do you live near Milesburg PA

    • To be honest this is more common than the think. There is a lot of bisexual married men out there. My wife knew that I was bi long before we got married. She still loves to watch me sucking a cock. She has me lay on my back with my head hanging off the bed with a guy fucking my throat. She will stand there and kiss and makeout with him. Telling him to cum in my mouth. She always kisses me after so she can taste it with me. Its just sex so enjoy it.

    • So sexy love that

    • How I wish my wife had this same desire. Little does she know, her husband has already been a cum-eating cocksucker for the last ten years. Once I submitted to the urge to get on my knees at the age of 47 and allow another man's cock to penetrate my mouth, I have craved it ever since. It would be incredibly erotic to have my wife watch me give a blowjob, or even help me suck the warm cum out of another man's balls and share it with each other.

    • I know the feeling. I’m in my second marriage. Both wives found out that I snuck away to suck cock. But neither approach the subject of wanting to watch or participate. It has been a bummer in my life. Now being a senior with the loss function of my cock. I still enjoy sucking cock and having him award me with his load. I’ve been sucking cock since my teens now it’s been over 40yrs. I always enjoy the feel and taste of a hard cock with no relationship. Today I still wish my wife would say she want to watch me suck a guy off.

    • So when was the last time?

    • Married 30 years, was a cocksucker before marriage and I still am one. Told my wife had done it in the past, she never asked or said much about it. Would love to suck a cock while she watched, keep suggesting she needs another man for to give her more sex in her life. She loves to suck and fuck, she just needs more. Once a man starts sucking a cock there is no going back, he will just want more, just like my wife wants more.

    • I'd love my wife to give her old Cl Bull Kyle a call again let him come over and fuck her bare and leave me a fresh creampie to enjoy,maybe they would let me come down when he pulls out so I can suck his cock clean before I enjoy my creampie, hoping on a star

    • Confessions of a Married Man
      My wife and I enjoy having foursomes with other couples in the same room,
      side by side!Every time

    • My husband use to suck the milk out of me as well and one day I said to him I would like to see you give a blowjob. And his response was I thought you would never ask, I have been dying to try but didn’t know how to ask you. And now he sucks whenever I want to see it

    • I have my husband suck cocks often it was a hard to get him started but now he does it with out any complaints he deep throats and swallows and loves it it such a great thing to see so take it from me go for it .

    • I need more cock to suck

    • I’d love to suck cocks for you so much.

    • Mine too. He likes to lick my juices off my lovers cock

    • My wife asked me to for a long time, I always said no. Then one night she said that if I did her sister would blow me. I laughed it off, but that weekend she came over with her very gay friend. Long story short, I got drunk and did it. She started blowing me after, but told her friend to fuck me, my wife and her sister even pinned me down while he forced his dick up my ass. I was mad and embarrassed, but they told me I took it like a pro. They felt bad the next day, but told me to forget about it. I told my wife that it was rape, she said that I can have a pass with someone to make up for it. I’m planning on tying her up and fuck her sister in front of her. Her sister is a bitch so I’m going to treat her like one. My wife will be pissed off but I don’t care. They had me raped, I’m going to make her take it up every hole. Then I’ll make my wife clean my dick of her sisters pussy juices. I’ve got viagra pills, so I’m going to make it an all nighter. Payback is a bitch.im going to record me making her sister tell her how much she wants my dick.

    • You can suck me dick and I'll fuck your wife and her sister

    • My wife convinced me to suck her gay friends dick. I did,

    • Cum suck my cock

    • I wish my wife would do this, she loves Pussy herself. I have never sucked a cock but would in a second.

    • My hubby is better than me

    • Are you around Olathe Kansas. anytime you will watch he can suck this big ass monster cock i will suck his too, if you want me to

    • I think most men know how they like to have their cocks sucked,so I guess they would understand how to suck another guy.
      I would love to suck a guy's cock, so maybe I could suck your husband off and so could you and ask your hubby who sucks cock better??
      I reckon the best cock sucker gets to swallow all of his hot thick creamy spunk,lol.

    • I would love to meet both of you and let you both suck on me to find out who is better and also for me to suck your husband and to lick and suck you in appreciation.

    • I would love to suck another guy's cock with my wife's permission and also to find out if I could suck cock and swallow cum better than my beautiful wife,lol.

    • Needs to be the judge
      Love too!!

    • About two years ago my husband reconnected with one of his best friends from high school. They constantly hung out at the gym and I noticed my husband was really getting back in shape ,honestly he looked great. He decided to put a small gym in our basement that became their many meeting place . A few days a week they were in the basement working out. One afternoon I got called into work to cover for a co worker, I went down to the basement were they were working out to let my husband know I was leaving. I stood in shock looking at my husband on his knees sucking his friend's cock. Both of them were completely nude my husband had one hand on his own dick the other wrapped around his friend's while sucking it. I backed out of the room not saying a word and left them to their fun. When I got home and we were in bed I asked him how long he had been sucking his friend's cock? There was a lot of stuttering but after I told him I saw him he admitted it started a few weeks before. He said they would get horny working out and one thing just lead to the other. Looking back on that day it does turn me on, they are both pretty hot especially now that my husband has gotten back in shape.

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