Good place to take my wife for a gangbang?

So my wife and I have been talking about a gangbang for some time now and I would like to make this a reality for her. Is there any place in the us I can take her in the hopes of making this happen for both of us? She really loves the idea of being fucked in a cienama but I think there are any left? Any tips on how to get this going would be great! ☺️

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  • When my husband was in the military the FRG (family readiness group) used to setup special events and stuff, galas especially for soldiers leaving on deployment or returning from one. I felt like it was my duty to meet and greet all the soldiers from my husbands unit or other units on base. I look back and it was just some big fuck fest. Some of the wives had me convinced it was my job to please the other soldiers while my husband was deployed or in the field. Someone's kids would always babysit, and th wives in the FRG, would just go out to party, I was convinced it was my job to have sex with any soldier, they needed someone to help them relieve stress. Sometimes I did feel sad, these men coming off the plane with no family there to greet them, so we did, we took an interest into these men, they took us out for dinner and we gave them sex. It started with one on one, threesomes, orgies, and gangbangs I had a whole squad, then it escalated to the platoon. I was on the pill, I did however contract a few diseases, nothing that a few antibiotics didn't cure. So try hanging around military bases.

  • Paris Cinema Syracuse NY. Pretty clean theater. Pretty good crowd there most days (8-10 guys). 2 sided theater so you can always take her from one side to the other. Mostly guys during the week but weekends, the occasional couple will come in. Normally sit down front and attract the guys to the female.

    I went there with a girl I knew once and she “serviced” 4 guys. I sat back and watched as she took them all one by one. She had a GREAT TIME!!!!!!!! Your wife will LOVE IT!!!!!

  • OMG hun we definitely have to look into it. honestly wet just thinking about it so sexy to think about. can’t wait to be fucked over an over as you watch, letting them cum on me and once there finished with me letting you fuck me good an hard as i tell you how they felt! can’t wait to book our vacation 😍

  • It's going to be amazing baby

  • There’s a cinema in Billings, MT that has some good action most days. I’ve fucked a couple guys wife’s there as well as every other guy there did as well.

  • Really? That's great! How many guys were there? Is it a Clean place?

  • It’s nasty full of meth heads and cowboys full of STDs.

  • Yes very clean! There were probably about 6 guys not including her husband.

  • That's great thanks!

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