Showing off my figure at the gym, and getting horny

I recently moved gym because this one is better. One thing I noticed is that this gym has more younger people and more athletic people kinda showing off. Lots of topless hunks doing weights and pull ups and gym bunny girl in lycra. At first I hated this aspect but now I have embraced it. I bought a pair of tiny shorts and a sports bra, and I am getting slot of looks. My workouts have now become acts, to an audience of staring men and it's making me very horny. There is one machine where I press out with my thighs, it's basically open and losing my legs while men stare at my camel toe in my tiny shorts. There are others that thrust my cleavage out or move my bottom up and down. Even in the open changing rooms it seems sexual, I am not bisexual but I can appreciate the sexualities of several naked women showering.
I often masterbate when I get home, but some of the feeling has gone, I want to masterbate in the changing rooms or fuck on the gym floor, or on a machine.
Somone say they feel the same?

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  • I go to a gym and workout just to meet chicks like the OP. They're so standoffish at first, but get them into bed and it's like they haven't been fucked in years!! Maybe they haven't?

  • Half of the fun of going to the gym is the eye candy. Guys with toned biceps, tight asses, dick bulges visible in exercise shorts. It's an incentive to work hard and look better. I'm a little thick, not quite a bbw, but close, and I love buying gym outfits to look sexy. It IS an act, but being in a cycling class is a hell of a lot easier to get through when you are thinking of fucking 50+% of the guys in the room.

  • Not just me then

  • Cool I see one hot woman at the gym a butt to die for she's 40 watching her in her tight leggings on her firm ass drives me crazy

  • Yes I love looking at the women in the gym with their tights on. I love watching them work their butts. I want to just pull down their pants and bend them over and fuck them n

  • Do you ever plan on hooking up with any of your audience for some good hard sex? You've got the body, you might as well let some lucky guy enjoy it.

  • Totally happy to hook up with a guy from the gym, they are all pretty hot, except a couple of body builders on steroids, they're wired. I want to have sex in the gym!

  • I'd go to the equipment room next to the track. Nobody hardly ever goes in there unless something special comes up. A great place to have sex!

  • Yes!😍

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