Just so horny all the time

Ever since i had my implant taken out and gone onto the pill iv been just so horny and my sex drive has gone through the roof. me and my bf used to have sex once maybe twice a week, now im wanting and getting it every morning before work, when we both get home from work and several times in the evening, up to 4 or 5 times a day and i want more.
when he crashes out in bed i find myself watching porn downstairs and sorting myself out if you know what i mean?
other things like i cant focus at work anymore and im picturing all these things i want to do with other men in my life. like last night my bf had his friends round, and i could help but come downstairs dressed in the skimpyest top and shorts i could so i could get their attention and i did, my bf even noticed and got abit pissy, especially when i sat on the sofa between two of his friends. but i could help but want them all the go at me. at work i fantasise about the men in there with their bulges in their trousers. iv began dressing more sexy and slutty at work too, im afraid the thought of cheating and sleeping around just turns me on so much i dont think i will be long before i want to sleep with another man.
is this normal? is my body telling me something? or betraying me?

cassie x

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  • It might be an age thing too, though I don't know how old you are. I always had a high sex drive, even when on the pill, but I went off it in my late 20's and early 30's and couldn't be around a guy wearing cologne without getting slippery down below. Seriously, it was jilling-off in the restroom at work and shit. Out of control horny.

    I'd go see a doctor, but he might say what mine said to me: you are perfectly healthy and just try to deal with it. Many women hit their prime in their early 30's and there is evolutionary reason for it: your body is telling you to breed before it's too late. I never had kids, but lordy my body was telling me to.

  • Let it happen ;)

  • I'm horny too all the time love a girl that fucks like you heaven x

  • Which pill ?
    I wanna get that for my wife

  • It’s normal. Just be careful. Things have a way of getting out of hand quickly. I had the same experience when I switched from one birth control to another. I didn’t think there could be a difference but I suddenly wanted to be fucked ALL THE TIME. And my tits ballooned out. It was like all my hormones went nuts. My bf and I would fuck constantly, but it soon wasn’t enough. Within just a few months his friend was joining.

  • Something terribly wrong with you darling, first I suggest you discuss this with a doctor then your local priest I am sure could help

  • The doctor will probably fuck you too.

  • Or the priest

  • I can't say what has changed in you, but I see you becoming a slut in the near future. If 4 or 5 times a day isn't enough, you might consider becoming a prostitute. Think of all the money you could make fucking a dozen guys or more every single day/night.

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