Nasty butt sex

I was pounding my wifes pussy last night, doggy style, when she told me to put it in her ass. We usually do anal about once or twice a month, whenever she asks for it. I prefer her pussy to her ass, but it's nice to fuck her up the ass every now and again.
So, anyway, I pulled out of her pussy and grabbed the bottle of lube we keep on the nightstand, and lubed up my cock and smeared a little bit on her asshole. I slowly worked the head of my cock into her tight ass, and after a minute or so, she loosened up enough that I could go to town, thrusting full bore on her ass. I was rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy and she was bucking and moaning and really getting into it, when all of a sudden she yelled STOP! I froze mid stroke and asked her what was wrong, and she said that she she had to fart real bad. I laughed and pulled out and told her to just let er rip. She started to fart really loud, and then to my disgusting surprise, her fart turned to a nasty spray of liquid shit. It splattered all over my stomache, chest, and face, and as soon as I realized what was happening, the putred smell hit my nose and I started vomiting all over her ass. She jumped up and ran into the bathroom, crying. After I stopped puking all over the shit splattered bed, I followed her into the bathroom and we both jumped into the shower together. She said that was the most embarrassing thing she has ever done. I told her it was okay, but damn, that was disgusting.

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  • How very romantic.

  • Yes, yes it was.

  • Tell her to have an enema before anal sex. The mixture you described is called Santorum

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