Older neighbor sucked my dick

My neighbor's husband had just passed away and she was constantly knocking on my door and asking me to help her with stuff. She was in her seventies and I was in my early forties at the time. She would always give me long, lingering hugs afterwards. I figured she was just lonely. One day after I helped her fix her pool gate she invited me in to show me all the work she had done on the house. When we went into her den she sat on the couch and invited me to sit next to her. She was thanking me for being such a good neighbor and said I want to really thank you. She placed her hand on my cock through my pants and I started getting hard. She unzipped me and proceeded to lick and suck on my cock. She kept saying "your cock is so hard" and I love your cock". Stuff like that. Within a few minutes I felt like I was going to cum and I warned her. I lobbed about 3 spoonfuls of baby batter on her face and chest. Honestly, it was one of the best blowjobs I ever had.

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  • I had my first blowjob from a neighbor. she was in her 70s and very skinny.l I helped her in her garden since I was 12. When I was 14 she suddenly stood behind me in the middle of the garden. she put her hand on my shorts and at that Age I was hard in a second. she took me to her porch, slipped down my shorts and in a second she was kneeling in front of me and had my cock in her mouth. i have never bben that horny. I came in a minute and she took and swallowed it all. she has done that a couple of times each summer until she died.

  • Same deal with my sixty something neighbor, I would fix anything issues she had come up, keep her yard mowed and she would make me dinners and slurp my cock whenever I wanted it done. Some of the best sex of my life came from her, she would come over sometimes and watch football with me. Sometimes we had sex during the game on and off, she would suck on me or just bend over the end of the couch or chair. I bet when she was younger and married she was quite a woman in bed.

  • I had a similar experience with an older woman from my wife's church. She was widowed and my wife started asking me to do odds and ends jobs for her. It started out being maybe a hour project one day to being bigger and bigger and more time consuming jobs with her constantly saying ' She wished there was a way for her to pay me" Then came the weekend I had pressure washed and resealed her deck. I had just gotten finished up and walked into her kitchen to wash up, she was sitting at the table with her chair turned towards the sink as I washed up. As I turned from the sink she was eye level with my crotch ,she looked up at me and said" please don't tell anyone about this" then grabbed the side of my shorts and pulled them down. With in seconds she had my cock in her mouth sucking away. A few minutes later I was letting her know I was going to cum. She ended up jerking me off until I came. This happened several times over the next six months. During the next winter she decided to move in with her daughter so that ended her giving me head.

  • Did you fuck her? Granny sex??

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