Fucking my boyfriend's best friend

April 7th 2019 was the first Saturday night me and my boyfriend decided to drink whiskey together for the first time we got jack daniels went home and started he ended up getting a call from his best friend who use to chat me up online before me and bf got serious anyway I was low-key happy coz my boyfriend got a bit tipsy and asked me if I was keen for a threesome before his friend came I said no of course because I knew he was testing me which he was coz I know he doesn't like to share so I met his friend who came into our apartment to drink with us he was so much hotter then my bf I love my bf so much but me and his friend were talking and smoking outside we gotta bit to drunk and his best friend started to make out with me while my bf went toilet I was so horny and drunk I kisssd him back and then my bf came I mentioned to both of them that my bf asked for a threesome and my bf was like no I didn't denied everything and his best friend grabbed me and just started making out with me in front of him my bf didn't know how to react he got emotional and left for a moment while he was gone me and his best friend started hitting it off kissing touching licking fucking everything it was extremely fun for me because I was intoxicated we jumped on our bed and started fucking and it felt like the best sex ever I was having the best feeling in the world I forgot about my boyfriend and then he walked in on both of us having sex he watched and cried without me even noticing anything me and his best friend were naked on the bed and he gave me love bites on my neck and boobs apparently my boyfriend said he caught us 3 times having sex and found 3 condoms the 3rd time he caught us he slapped me in the face on the bed while we were naked I deserved it at the time he told his friend to fuck off from here coz we were all really drunk he took his mates clothes his mate had nothing to wear I eventually found them gave them back to him and he left I was so infactuated by his best friend he was just so hot and good in bed I ended up back on the bed with my bf I was still naked he just hold me all-night and never slept while I was fucked up and tired I can't stop thinking of his best friend now I feel so guilty but my boyfriend has been treating me so good ever since that happened he says I don't wanna lose U and sometimes I ask him about his friend he gets mad he won't answer his friends calls and at work he never did say sorry to him he just told him that he should leave me which I don't blame I really wish to meet him again one night when my boyfriend is not around I can't stop fantasising about him when me and my bf have sex I think about his best friend and it makes our sex so much better now even my bf enjoys I wouldn't change that night it was amazing but I feel bad that my boyfriend watched us have sex it was a guilty pleasure for me having him watch us enjoy each other


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  • Punctuation is your friend. Learn it.

  • Now you know that when you're drunk, you are the easiest fucking piece of pussy around.

  • Worlds longest sentence

  • That is good ken, so you have a boyfriend now. go gay off and I can get paid off and you will go to jail soon enough.

  • Start watching cuckhold porn around your bf. he’ll be begging you to have his friend again.

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