Wearing girly panties

Ok this is my story. I was a young boy when I started to become infatuated with sexy feminine panties, the girlier the better. I have often fantisiized about getting caught by someone either a man or a woman. Walk up to me as I'm bent over seeing my skimpy panties peek up over my wast band. I have a very supportive woman who inbraces my panty fetish. She often buys me panties and we pick out some together. I very much enjoy fucking and touching myself in the silky Lacey girly fabric that is panties. So I'm 31 been wearing panties for over 13 years and each time I slip into a sexy girly pair of panties my cock gets rock hard and instantly get horny. My woman picks me out my panties usually and caresses my cock and rubs my rubbery asshole. Only her and my ex know my love for ladies underwear. Can't wait until I can pick out a nice strap on so she can fuck my sissy ass and make me mess my pretty panties.

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  • I started liking wearing panties when I was about 20. My girlfriend wanted me to wear her panties out under my pants. Then on Halloween she asked me to dress up like a girl. Now I like to wear pantyhose in the privacy of my house. I asked my girlfriend if I could wear her pantyhose and she was ok with it. So sometimes I wear them when I hang out at her place. They feel good believe it or not.

  • Something about it just feels so sexy and the more feminine and girly the better I used to only wrap my cock up with them but that didn't last to long I slipped my first pair on and loved how hard my cock got and the way they hugged my ass. I've 🐝 wearing all the time since then I don't wear bras or women's clothing just panties and stockings maybe a garter belt

  • Me too just into pantyhose and panties.

  • That's so hot that your girlfriend is into u wearing panties. My girlfriend let's me wear pantyhose around the house and I wear a thong or panties over them. U should try pantyhose. I let her peg my asshole and we both love it.

  • I'd love to let her peg my asshole

  • When I was twelve I was seduced by our vicar. I stayed behind one day to help him clear up after choir practice and we were stacking chairs when he came up behind me and said "here let me help you with those" and reached across and as we both lifted the chairs up he kissed me full on the lips. I liked it, we were all alone and he lifted his robes and underneath he was dressed in ladies undies complete with stockings. His dick was stiff and he took my hand and guided it onto it and then he kissed me again. He asked me to come back to the vicarage. We did and ended up in bed together. He got me to put my dick in his bottom, I did and spunked in it.

  • What kind of panties were they and how did you like it

  • I loved it!!! He was very gentle and loving and he obviously liked my young bottom. He was wearing black full bum knickers and he took his penis out from the side of them but kept them on while I buggered him. We stayed in bed for some time and then he got aroused again after a lot of kissing and he buggered me. We have been in a sexual relationship for two years now and I think we are both very lucky to have each other>

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