Obsessed with black cock

I'm a 23 year old white guy with an uncontrollable BBC fetish. I cannot stop sucking black cocks. For the past 4 months I've basically had 4 boyfriends, while still dating my girlfriend of 5 years. She knows I'm bisexual, but has no idea of the extent of my desire for black cocks. I've been seeing 4 muscular black men, with big girthy cocks and have basically been their sex toy for 4 months. Whenever they text or call me I happily jump in an Uber and head over to their house to preform my duties as a loyal cock sucker. I've been letting them brutally fuck my throat, had them cum with full force down my throat and all over my face and so many more. My girlfriend has no idea. Do you guys think it's a good idea for me to tell her?

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  • I'm also a bit obsessed myself but not in a gay way.Im 27 married and have a hot little petite blonde 26 year old wife who I could fuck as much as I want but I prefer watching porn.I prefer bbc porn.Big black cocks fucking hot little blondes.Im pretty much addicted to porn now,like it more sometimes to actual sex.But I would love to see my hot little wife get fucked and stretched by a big 10 inch black cock.That's a little fantasy of mine too.

  • I'm very sexually adventurous and since I've indulged in my fantasies my sex life has improved dramatically. And I'd encourage you to do the same! I'm actually planning on telling her and would really love for her to either watch me take four black cocks or join in on the fun. Wish me luck!

  • I may get her to watch porn with me but that's it,very doubtful she would want to fuck a couple of black guys in front of me for my pleasure.Hope you get what you're looking for.Good luck.

  • Yes tell her and she can enjoy the bbc herself,don't be a cock hog.

  • I'm definitely going to tell her next week! I'd really love for her to either watch me get fucked or join in on the fun! Wish me luck

  • Why don’t you show her the ropes of bbc

  • I honestly wanna put on a show for her and show her what a slut I am!

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