Caught my son jerking off to weird shit

I am 39 and have a 13 year old son. Good kid, good grades has some friends not really a lot to say. He's at that age though we're he's started going through puberty and some odd awkward shit has recently happened. I went to a concert with my wife and when we got back I caught him masturbating on my computer in my home office. After chiding him for masturbating in my office, curiosity got the better of me and I looked at the video he hadn't closed out of. Feet. Asian feet. My son has a race based foot fetish. In 98, My friends told me I was weird that I liked chicks with big asses and now I have to go around knowing my son wants to fuck Asian feet. It's weird. I mean I'm glad he's not a pedophile or into super obese people like so many on this site seem to be. But still weird.

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  • People, especially teens, like what gets them off. I had, and still have, a huge thing/fetish for very long, polished nails on women. The longer, and, sometimes..More ridiculously too long, the better. Started with my hot older sister's, who knew about my affinity for hers, and we made a deal of sorts..I'd help her do running around and errands stuff for her dance team, and she wouldn't cut he nails and let them grow out as long as possible, no limits. She wouldn't polish them without my helping, and if I did enough that week, would do them red and let me have at them.

    Even a few weeks ago, years into our thing, she had to wear a wrist brace after a fall to the ground, and couldn't cut or trim her marvelous nails. Told me in her car "They're already long-long for you..Same deal as we had? I let them go and you help me at home?". Yep.. She also knows that I do think about her and them whenever I pleasure myself.

  • Does your son find your feet attractive? Maybe you could have him give you a foot massage wearing a skirt with no panties. Have your son work his way up your legs so he sees your naked pussy. Show your son where your clit is and have him massage it too.

  • OP was the Dad, numbnut!!

  • You need to start showing a lot of cleavage to your son. He will soon realize why boobs are the first thing most guys look at.

  • Poster was the Dad. Didn't read the story did you.

  • Your son must have an attractive Asian girl in his school with great feet. You need to let him know there is a lot more to a female body than feet. You should show your son your tits, ass, and pussy. You might want to even let him put his cock in your pussy, just so he will know how good it feels. He'll quickly lose interest in feet.

  • You need to read the story better. The Dad caught the kid.

  • He probably has a mediocre future in shoe retail.

  • LMAO. Al Bundy!!!

  • At 13, a guy will wack off to just about anything. I wouldn't worry unless you catch him watching gay porn, or beastiality, then you need to beat him till he shits, then go out and buy him a hot female prostitute, to teach him that there is nothing better than pussy.

  • Would it have been more or less weird if it was mom/son incest porn?

  • I wouldn't know since it was the Dad that caught the kid wacking off!!

  • Perhaps his girlfriend has jerked him off using her feet.

  • I like this response. My girlfriend likes to do that too. She knows, how to apply just the right amount of pressure to my cock!!

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