My wife wants to invite a male in the bedroom. The only thing is that she wants to see us together whi she watches. She want us to suck each other cocks and fuck and rim each other ass. She also wants me to wear thigh highs and heels with panties. She said this would really turn her on. Are any women out there with this fantasy?

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  • Could be a setup. She may be cheating on you already and planning to divorce you. The other man she wants in the bedroom with you will most likely be a gay male friend of hers or could be a male prostitute. Pictures or video will be taken of you without your knowledge to be used later against you.

    She will tearfully claim to have found woman's clothing in your bedroom that was not hers and thought you were cheating on her and set up a hidden camera to see what was happening, or will say she came home and was shocked and heartbroken when she found you dressed in panties, thigh highs, and heels getting fucked up the ass by a man.

    You will say that it was something she wanted, but the pictures or video will show you as a willing party.

    Most men would let the woman have anything she wanted in a divorce to keep that evidence off the record.

  • This seems a lot all at once for her to ask of you.

    Most women into that sort of thing that get off on dominance try to ease you into it more slowly.
    1) She want you to wear her panties during sex, then also under your regular clothing, so you will think of her all day. If refusal, no sex.
    2) Bras added. She may try to shave you like a woman or try to put makeup on you telling you she thinks it will be fun and she wants to see what it would look like. She will want you to pose for some pictures. She praises you when you are dressed as a woman and rewards with great sex. She may also buy you your own heels, wig, and breastforms and put her finger in or stroke your asshole during sex. Refuse her and no sex.
    3) Role-playing with you in women's clothes then having you dress full time at home wearing skirts or dresses and heels wearing nighties to bed, rewarding you with great sex. Old underwear are gone. Now only panties. You dress more femininely, she doesn't.
    4) She wants to use a strap-on on you. Refuse, no sex or you might be able to try anal with her if she is ready. She may want to dominate you including having you to suck the strap-on then fuck you. To try to jack you while she is fucking you with the strap-on (often lesbian designed to maximize her pleasure) to get you to come so much you can't get hard enough to fuck her, so you may not be able to fuck her, but may want you to eat her or rim her instead.
    5) She seems only interested in using a strap-on on you, jacking you, and you eating her out.
    6) After fucking you with a strapon-on for a time, then she mentions wanting to add another man, usually one of her gay friends, to watch you get fucked. Any pictures or video she has taken along the way could always be used to keep you compliant.

    Was this something she blurted out of the blue or has she already gotten you to dress in women's clothing?

  • Your wife must watch a lot of gay porn.

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