Sexting or phone sex

I love sexting. I love to tell you what to wear and detail of what and where I want to fuck u. Open to role playing and phone sex while Masturbating. Let me know if you are interested..

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  • I've always had a fantasy about a nude chubby lady, tying me to a bed. Then taken a really sharp knife and cutting my testicles, scrodom, and cock off while I watched.
    Well through trial and error, talking to different phone sex operators. I found that was willing to play out my fantasy with me. She was the best at it too, the details she would discribe on how she would do it, and how she would keep my from bleeding to death. Were so vivid, kept d begging her to come to my place and really do it.
    One day she asked me why I wanted this done. I told her that accident years back, I am unable to get an erection or even cum anymore. She told me that she a doctor friend on Mexico that would help her really do it to me. So she said if I was serious about this she would fly him to her place, then drive to mine, and make me a eunuch.
    I'm going to go for it and have her do it.

  • Go for it dude. Sounds hot as hell. Not saying I would do it. But would love to watch her do it to you.

  • I would love to sext you

  • Ok I will be waiting

  • Yes , I've never done anything like this before but somebody telling me what to wear and what they want me to do and what they are busy doing as I'm doing this will be weird . Telling me what they want of me asking me to do perverse things without my husband knowing is a turn on , He loves guys looking at me he gets a kick out of it .

  • I.want u too wear a black short cocktail dress. With black thighs highs with the seam up the back. I want u to but a but plug up your ass no panties and take u out for dinner.

  • I want to take u back to my place but driving home I start playing with your pussy while you suck my cock. Then we pull up next to a big truck and sees u sucking my cock

  • When we get to my place I get on my knees and pull up your dress and start licking your pussy

  • U call up your husband and tell him you're staying at your girlfriend house. U start sucking my cock while u talk to him

  • I turn u around and lift your dress up. I take the butt plug out of your ass

  • I tell you, to bend over and I start licking your fucking asshole and u love it.

  • U tell me that u want it up your ass because you're husband never does it

  • Let me know if want more or I could give you my number.

  • Ok give me your number I'll ring you

  • Did u get my number I sent it.

  • No I've just got in

  • Call me tonight. Can't wait to talk to you

  • I haven't got your number , what are you talking about

  • It looks like they block it. Try my email I send it that way

  • They say it was an inappropriate comment. Don't think they like exchanging personal information

  • Let chat on here

  • Hey u there ?

  • I want to come over when you're husband at work. Pretend I'm there to fix the TV and your just wearing a t-shirt . U asked if we want coffee. So u reach up to get the coffee and your ass is exposed. U asked if I like what I see. I said yes. I told u my partner is coming over to drop off a part. U go into the bedroom and come out with panties hose and heels u were getting ready for work.

  • U notice my cock is getting hard and u get on your knees and take out my big fat cock and start sucking it my friend walks in and u say u want to join. U pull down your pantyhose and stuck his 10 inch cock in your pussy

  • You loved it. U keep sucking my cock and u told him to stick it in your ass.

  • Hey u there

  • Call me

  • What is your email

  • Whats your#

  • They don't allow us to give out numbers.

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