Barefoot Fuck

This incident didn’t happen recently. As a matter of fact it was many many years ago. But it sticks in my mind like it was yesterday. You’ll see why.

I was an assistant manager of a large chain supermarket store in west Florida. I was a single kid in my early 20’s and had a HUGE crush on one of the cashiers - Madonna. Madonna was a beautiful raven-haired girl with a dark Mediterranean-like complexion. She was shorter than me but had a very nice figure. Her breasts were a little larger than a girl of her size normally would have, and her ass was delectable and firm. She wore her hair in a pony tail while working but on breaks and after work she let her hair down and she looked absolutely hot!

She had a sweet disposition, laughed at my jokes, and was generally soft spoken, restrained and polite.

Now I should point out that I had (and still have) a insatiable fetish for women’s feet. I love seeing women in sandals, flip flops, and, of course, barefoot.

Sometimes it’s a curse. You see an attractive woman in a work situation like this and they’re always wearing company required, closed toed shoes. Same went for Madonna. So I’m constantly jerking off at home imagining Madonna in her bare feet or sandals - which I’ve never seen.

I even asked her out on a couple of dates and she wore closed toed shoes both times. Grrr!

Although Madonna seemed to like me she had a MAJOR crush on another manager in the store who didn’t give her the time of day. When I learned of this I became jealous and started doing stupid kid things. I never did anything weird or illegal but I did like to drive by her apartment building occasionally. I have no idea why - I just drove by to look. I was an idiot kid - what did I know?

But one time she caught me. As I looped around her parking lot for the second time she ran out and stopped my car. She was smiling from ear to ear and she comes up to my driver window and says with glee “are you following me?” I tap danced and denied what I was actually doing. She laughed and pretended to believe me. But I knew I had been made.

As tends to happen in such relationships, the infatuation Madonna had on the other store manager eventually turned into loathing. I knew she still wanted him though. She was just acting mad at him all the time because he wouldn’t return her affections. So she started to pretend to be interested in me again and, by this time, I was loathing her for the same reasons. So I was visibly ignoring her. Stupid right? Sheesh!

Meanwhile I continued to jerk off at home wondering what Madonna’s feet look like - wondering what it would be like if she showed up at the store during her off hours in sandals. But in real life I was doing my best to ignore her.

So one day I was working in one of the aisles of the store. I knew it was Madonna’s day off. All of a sudden, who appears in front of me but Madonna! She was dressed casual in shorts and a tee shirt - and was completely barefoot! Her feet were as perfect as I had imagined - perfectly pedicured with a pink nail polish. I little bit dirty since she had apparently been walking around the store that way. My cock immediately started to push against my pants creating a noticeable bulge.

Madonna raises her foot and displays her toes to me and says in her usual sweet demeanor “see, I’m going barefoot all day today. It feels sooo good!” I was speechless and it was all I could do to smile and nod. “Could you help me?” she continued, “I can’t find my timecard”. She started walking away expecting me to follow. The time clock was way in the back room where the overstock merchandise was.

So I followed her back to where the time clock was. We were alone in the stock room. She looks at me and says “so I understand you like feet. Do you like my feet?”. I didn’t respond. She reaches over and starts rubbing the bulge in my pants. “Oh my. Look who is a fucking foot pervert. Does seeing me in my fucking bare feet make you want to fuck me?”.

I look at her crotch and notice that her pussy juice had soaked her shorts and some is running down her bare leg. She collects some of the juice on her finger and says “do you want to taste some of my fucking cunt juice?” She puts her finger in my mouth. Her juice tastes sweet. She drops her shorts and pulls off her tee shirt. Now she was completely naked. She starts unbuckling my pants. “I want you to fuck me right here, right now” she says. By now my pants are down and my bigger than average cock was standing straight out. She kneels down and starts sucking it. “Don’t you fucking cum in my mouth you fucking foot perv! I want your cum in my pussy!” So I grab her and throw her up again a pile of boxes and start fucking her.

“See you fucking ass hole! You could have had this cunt!” She yells. It didn’t make sense that she would say this to me. Then I realized we weren’t alone. Watching what was going on was the manager Madonna had had the crush on. At this point I didn’t care. I took the rest of my clothes off and continued to fuck Madonna. My cock was huge…sliding in and out of her wet pussy. After a few minutes I felt her nails dig into my back as she started to orgasm. I was getting close when she yelled “no no wait. Cum on my face”. I pulled out, she knelt down and I started to blow my load all over her face! I hadn’t cum that much in months! Her face looked like a glazed donut!

As I was cumming she yelled to the other manager “see - you MOTHER FUCKER. This could be YOUR cum I’m eating. Mmmmmm!”. The guy just walked away. Madonna swallowed the jazz I just pumped into her mouth and scrape the excess off of her face with her fingers and licked it.

So it turns out Madonna had help from one of the other cashiers (who I learned later was watching us fuck). That person figured out that I had a foot fetish - I guess from watching me look at female customer’s feet. She told Madonna that THAT was the way to get into my pants and make the OTHER manager jealous. When Madonna showed up at the store in her barefoot glory, she and her friend conspired to get the other manager to go to the stock room just as Madonna and I started to fuck.

Madonna and I dated (and had sex several times) for a while after that incident. She told me all about the conspiracy to try and make the other guy jealous (which didn’t work, by the way). He eventually was promoted and moved to another city. Turns out Madonna really DID love going barefoot so we would go to the store, the movies, and other events with her in her bare feet. She probably wouldn’t have done so with anyone else but she knew how much I loved it (and it would always illicit a sexual response at the end of the night) so she considered it worth the social risk.

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