Why dont all guys like to give anal

My boyfriend doesnt want to fuck my ass, although I really want to get anally fucked hard. He said its not his thing. I thought all guys wanted to do that,figures mine dont. Do I find a guy strictly for anal sex or dump him and find someone else. If Im not sexually satisfied like he is , whats the point of going on and just dreaming about it.
I dont want to be one of those people who should have, could have,but didnt.
Im the girl that wants to say I did.

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  • I love fucking a nice lady bubble butt.

  • I had a bad experience. Nerves again. She shit on me!!

  • I used to want to it to her for the taboo aspect but it's extremely painful for her. I don't want to hurt her or do damage to her body.

  • I do my old lady in the ass occasionally, mostly when she's on the rag and I don't want the bloody mess. Personally, I prefer her tight vag, as it wraps around my entire cock with it's warm wetness, and just feels so much better than her ass which is only tight right at the opening, and I am mostly fucking nothing but air up inside. That said, if a woman wants anal, I believe her man should give it to her.

  • My bf always said he hated anal, then we got really high one night, and he ended up balls deep in my ass for hours. It was amazing.

  • My friend (Mark) and his wife (Stacy) were close to me and my girl until one evening the girls went out alone. My girl came home and told me she had been talking and my friend Stacy and that Stacy has admitted to liking anal sex but her husband would not go there. My wife said she told Stacy that she wasn’t into either but I enjoyed it. She said Stacy teased her maybe we should swap hubbies for a weekend. About a month later I ran into Stacy at a sports bar and she came over to my table. She told me Mark was out of town at golf tournament and wanted to know how long I was going to be there. Anyways she couldn’t stop asking me to ho have a drink with her. I did, right away she mentioned me liking anal and not to think it was a big thing. It wasn’t long before she was blowing me then pretty much begging me to fuck her anal. It was hot cause she is hot and the bad thing about the whole ordeal is she kept texting me to meet her soon. I know it was wrong but it felt soo good for us both. I have trouble facing them now

  • Bring up a swap with your wife. That should do it.

  • I'm a guy with an average sized dick, and my girlfriend has let me fuck her in the ass a few times, but her pussy feels so much better that it's not even close. You are likely going to stay where it feels the best. I'm sure your boyfriend is just showing his preference. If it's a big deal to you, communicate your wishes with him. He might be happy to oblige to some extent.

  • I love fucking my wife asshole and she loves it too. I'm an ass man and love a nice bubble butt I can't walk down the street with out admiring a nice ass. I also like to lick her asshole sticking my tongue in and out her asshole. I would love to fuck your asshole and make him watch to see how much you enjoy it. Try watching some anal pornnn

  • Yeah not all girls like to take it either. Everyone is different. I love anal and wish my wife was more into it. She’s not and it is what it is.

  • Find some cock on the side and enjoy

  • My ex gf wouldn't have anal she said my cock was too wide it scared ex wife as too prudish so wouldn't either is there a woman out there that likes a wide cock in the ass ??

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