I found a pair of my panties hidden in my dad's bathroom

I live with just my dad, and our house has 4bed 3 bath so we have a bathroom each. In his bathroom there is a big cupboard where all the towels are kept. Recently when getting a towel I pondered why we had so many towels and started looking at what was in there. Right at the back I found a Tupperware box which to my surprise had a collection of my worn panties in.

Wtf???? Any ideas, should I be worried???

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  • At 15 years of age I caught my dad jerking off into a pair of my panties. O couldn't take my eyes off of him as he moved closer to me just as he came shooting about half of his sperm onto my belly. Why beyond the life of me I took hold of his cock both hands and continued to jerk him off I think he even got harder as I continued to jerk him off that's when he told me he wouldn't be able to cum again but I said you're so hard and hot I told him god you're driving me crazy, stop I told her but she kept at me even to the point of bending down kissing the head of my cock milking a drop of sperm from me taking it into her mouth and continued to masturbate me But it when she took my cock deep into her mouth that blew me to no end and I came again as she held my cock deep in her throat. After sucking my balls empty she kissed me and told me god daddy your sperm is sweet not like Jerry's

  • I personally don't know what guys get out of sniffing panties. I much rather what them n

  • I checked back and the panties have changed he must be swapping for fresher pairs. It freaks me out because they are dirty. Sorry to be graphic but they often have white or yellowish white stains in the crotch and they go stiff and encrusted when the moisture drys.
    Sometimes they are pretty fresh, but a ful days wear they can have an odour. I just want them in the laundry basket. I don't get it. Can a guy please explain in detail what would be a good worn panty, I need to understand.

  • The natural scent of the female private region is quite enticing to guys. That is opposed to what a guy has to offer which is man-ass. Cruel joke of nature I believe. Never once copped a sniff from my wife's panties. Never my sisters or mother like some guys are panty smelling and stealing. For some those panties are the closest they will ever be to the real deal.

  • I didn't get the scent thing at first I just thought it was gross. I get it now, but still not sure how I feel as I don't know what it means, is it just the panties?

  • I think if its a fresh scent then you can smell what your daughter, sister or mother's genitalia smells like.

  • I guess if it's about freshness that's why he kept them sealed in Tupperware. I guess he replaces them from time to time to keep the scent?

  • As a father with a sexy daughter it's impossible not to look at your daughters hot body men are wired to appreciate your curves and to look.
    I found the best sex with my gf was to imagine my daughter as we fucked made the sex so intense.
    As mentioned before it is a fantasy but if she was willing and wanted sex with me I believe if it hurt no one I would fuck her.
    Honestly does the idea of him looking at you and sniffing your juices excite you.

  • If this was not my dad i might feel flattered that a guy likes my scent, if you can call it that, but honestly it feels creepy. Although I understand the secrecy

  • Understand your reaction does the idea your dad is attracted to you any way exciting for you

  • Being sexually admired is always a good thing, but it depends who. Cute guys, great, that creepy old guy on the bus that tries to look up my skirt, not so good. I don't mind that he finds me attractive I understand that he may want to peek up my skirt, so as long as he knows it's wrong, and tries to hide what he is doing, it doesn't matter if I notice. But if he is obvious and doesn't see it as wrong then I would see him as a threat and worry.
    I guess this is the same situation with my dad. nothing is going to happen, like it wouldn't with creepy bus guy, but if he secretly needs to wank off with my panties then I guess fine by me, but if he came on to me, then I would panic. This is not a bus I can get off its my home

  • I understand but the fact your asking about dad wanking into your panties and it's fine does make you think your thinking more about it x

  • It's maybe a little exciting but in a very dark twisted inappropriate way

  • Guys are wired for that smell. It's normal. Many guys are into panties too. As long as he doesn't get pervy on you, leave him alone. He's fine.

  • Thanks for your comment, it panicked me, I never knew about 'that smell' but I guess our panties must smell a bit of girl juice (lol couldn't think of a better word) and I guess males are subconsciously drawn to it. I guess whilst it sounds disgusting I might be drawn to man small, in a cave man way. I never thought of fulfilling that animal instinct, but I guess if my panties draw him in and that's all he does then it's creepy but harmless. I will keep an eye on him in case he perves on me. Thanks xxx

  • I fantasise over my daughter and step daughter 23 and 30 I have sniffed their panties and regularly masterbate thinking of them both heaviest and hardest orgasms are thinking if them.
    Would only act on things if they wanted to.

  • I hope he doesn't do that with them, but I am not naive!

  • Most guys look at other women young old it's in their DNA looking sniffing masterbating all guts do it and dads too. My daughter has huge tits and I'm a tit guy so I look it's a common thing as is sex between father and daughter as long as its consentual and both parties understand what they are doing.

  • I agree with you, consensual sex between all family members it totally ok and absolutely safe with birth control.

  • Daddy likes the smell of his daughters pussy. You should wake him up some night with your wet pussy rubbing on his face, then let him fill your hot pussy full of daddys baby batter.

  • Ew gross, don't be digusting, this is my dad, just ew

  • Your dad has fantasies of you sexually. Should you be worried? Hard to say. You know your Dad best. Would he try to make his fantasy into reality against your wishes, etc.. I have sniffed my daughter's panties and have fantasized about sex with her. I would NEVER, ever, try to make anything more of it.

  • Reassuring I guess that you would never do more. Thanks

  • He is just waiting to get enough for a full wash load , nothing to worry about at all.

  • Ha ha yea right, nice try, I wish

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