Lost a bet, had sex with a fat girl, LOVED it!

My sister has a friend who is way overweight. For years now her friend has had a crush on me but I’ve never been interested because, well, she’s fat. Recently my sister became friends with a smoking hot chick that I’d like to get to know better. I don’t need her help getting myself set up with her, but when I mentioned I was interested sister got a little pissed at me.

“What about Melissa?” She asked. “I’ve been trying to put you together with Melissa since we were kids!” (We’re all early 20s now.) Melissa is a very nice girl, she’s smart, talented, and so on. But she’s so...fat!

Well...unbeknownst to me, my sister’s new friend, the one I was interested in, likes watching people fuck. Melissa, upon hearing this, admitted it would be fun to have someone watch her fuck. My sister, being a devious cunt, started conjuring up a way she could get me in bed with Melissa and she and Aura could watch.

So she presented me with a proposition. We’d play a game of chess and if I won she’d agree to set me up with Aura. If I lost, I had to let Melissa ride me with she and Aura watching. I consider myself pretty solid at chess and most of the time we played I beat my sister. I don’t know if I felt pressured or what but after a good start to the game where it looked like it would be a route my momentum slowed and to make a long story short my sister check mates me after a war of attrition.

I begged her not to make me fuck Melissa. But not only did she tell Melissa she told her I was excited about it and told me I’d better tow the line. So I’m getting texts from Melissa telling me how much she’s looking forward to “our night” and I’m dying inside.

Then came the big night. We all met at Melissa’s apartment. I was nervous I’d even be able to get hard because I genuinely didn’t want to go through with it. But I also pretended I was excited because I did consider Melissa a nice person and a friend and dreading what was about to happen to me as I was, there was something endearing about her excitement.

I’m not going to get into the details of what it was like. I’ll say this: stripping naked with my sister watching was a little weird. But no sooner was my penis out of my pants than it was in Melissa’s mouth. She ate it up like it was a slice of cheesecake! Any fears I had of being able to get hard were gone within seconds. I felt she was going to slurp me down whole and alive! Then she forced me back onto the bed and mounted me.

And I said I wasn’t going to share details, so I’ll stop there. At first it was anguish looking across the room at seeing Aura, the woman I wanted to be fucking, watching me get devoured alive by Melissa. Also seeing Melissa’s fat reflection in the mirror as she rode me, it was embarrassing to me. But as we continued to fuck I started to like it more and more.

After we finished my sister and Aura went into the living room for a drink. I lay there breathing heavy and with Melissa resting her head on my shoulder. She kept kissing me gently and whispering how good it felt to have me after so long.

After a few minutes my sister came back in and asked if we wanted a drink. I said no and squeezed Melissa. My sister gave me a look that said, “I knew you’d like it!” And left us alone.

Melissa and I are now in a committed relationship, going on about 2 weeks now. For years my sister insisted we’d be perfect for each other and even though (if I’m honest with myself) deep down inside I agreed, her weight kept me away. Now I don’t give a damn, I think I have the most amazing girlfriend I could find. And the sex is amazing.

Oh and it turns out that even had I won that chess game I’d have lost. Aura likes girls and my sister is going through a bit of a “bi-curious” phase I guess. Melissa and I want to watch them fuck next.

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  • I have found that being with an overweight woman is far less maintenance and I get sex anytime I want with her. I do not care that she is large, she will give me head anytime and is always ready to have sex. If she is on her cycle she sucks me off and if not I get a double by f@cking her first then laying back and watching her suck me hard again. She does anything I want her to do mostly because she feels like no one else will love her.

  • I don’t mean to sound like a judgmental prick but it sounds like you’re just using fat women to get something you likely can’t get anywhere else. Sounds like you may be borderline abusive.

  • I wonder how Melissa would feel if she ever found out you only agreed to be with her because of a lost bet.

  • I have been fucking my fat next door neighbour for 18 months usually doggie in the arse so I can video from various angles her gut and boobs bouncing around, tomorrow we are going to have her labia pierced in two places either side so when they heal I will be able to put two padlocks in, she really appreciates sex because very few others would even look at her although she is very pretty, shaves all over and is always nice, does anything I want.
    If you would like a video please advise your e-mail

  • I have learnt that fat girls tend to flatten out once you get them on their back, I didn't mind doing them missionary but when they want to ride or go over your face OH shit once I almost smothered, it can become difficult

  • Yeah it’s hard work when she wants to be on top. I like it though.

  • I find that fat girls usually don't give a shit about their appearance and actions, most I have known don't worry about shaving let alone their pussy but even under their arms and legs, most have definable hair above the lip and on their chin, talk loudly and are very rude, how they find someone to fuck that is not drunk I don't know

  • Dead right buddy I had a fat girl friend exactly as you describe, just so gross and thought she could treat me like shit, she was useless in the sack and kept telling me how piss poor I was, well after I used her for a while I fucked her off (so glad) she has not got another guy in two years and unlikely to unless he is a crack addict.

  • Toxic personalities come in all body types though. I’ve met fat and hot toxic women. Thankfully have avoided dating them because I bail as soon as I pick up on it. I would rather date a pleasant person with a few extra pounds than the hottest woman around if she was toxic. OP seems to really enjoy this person’s company. If that’s the case good for them both.

  • My guess fucking girls of any weight isn’t something you have to worry about. What’s your poison? Porn? Blowup doll? Your dog?

  • Smart arse, you need a giant kick in the balls you useless prick.
    Get a job, some real cloths, get off the grog and drugs, get a haircut and shower then look for decent accommodation and start trying to do something with your life instead of bludging, OH and have a shave dickhead.

  • You sound pretty tough. Forget I ever said anything I don’t want to mess with you!

  • Good idea !!

  • Man I just can't go there after having hot model types my whole life.

  • I thought the same thing. All these years Melissa was this dorky/nerdy fat girl who hung out with my sister and was even a friend of mine too, but never a love interest. I pursued (with considerable success) some of the more hot/fit/athletic girls. I’m glad I deviated and gave her a chance.

  • I have a fat girlfriend that I love humiliating my favourite is when we go to the beach I insist she wears a smallish white bikini everyone can see her boob's and nipples hanging out also her curly dark black pubic hairs out the side with her gut hanging over and arse virtually not covered everything wobbling no matter what she does

  • I have a fat neighbour very smart a doctor with her own practice, she is virtually my slave I make her get in the doggie position then place her head and tits on the floor to reach around and spread her butt cheeks really wide for me to mount she has to hold them like that till I finish also when at my house she is always naked with a dog collar on with the words ( Paul's fat bitch ) sometimes I take her for a drive totally naked and get right next to trucks and buses.
    For further humiliation I have a couple of friends come around to perv on her and spank her fat arse while naked.
    I only do her doggie style because she desperately wants missionary or cowgirl, too fucking bad she does what I want.

  • Amazing story. I also had a fat girlfriend named Melissa! She was married to an absolute jerk. I got her alone once and got her nude from the waist up and finally convinced her to have sex. It was incredible. I didn’t think I would like that much flesh sitting on me or my face but it was sensational. Our apartments were next door and when he would leave for the day she came over and I would do her for hours. A few times she showed up at my back door already naked. My Melissa is blonde and blue eyes what about yours?

  • How big is/was your Melissa?

    Honestly mine would probably be considered a bit of a plain Jane even if she were skinny. She’s not “hot” but definitely pretty enough. A little on the nerdy side, but legit nerdy not “sexy nerdy.” Brown hair. Well kept but plainly styled. And all of a sudden I love it.

    Keep in mind this is a person I’ve known for years and on a platonic level have cared about. I don’t know if that is why the sudden change and suddenly having to be intimate with her unlocked all this passion I didn’t even know was there. Almost overnight I’ve gone from refusing to be interested in her because of her weight to completely adoring her body.

    Oh, and she’s smart. Super smart and caring. I’ve been missing out for so long and for what? Because she’s fat? Thank god I lost that chess game! I’m so excited about this I could ramble on if I’m not careful.

  • She was large. Had large thighs and a roll round the belly. And tits. Huge tits, I couldn't get them all in my mouth even if I tried. She had been quite skinny when younger and one day started putting on weight and never stopped. She was simply one of those women who caught my attention and didn't let up. I was fascinated with her. She was a very caring person but probably nowhere as smart as your Melissa. High school education at best. Sadly, she and her husband divorced some time after our affair. The affair was not the problem, alcoholism was. He drank himself to death and left her with a small child. Last photograph I saw of her, she probably goes 400 pounds and then some. Lost all her looks and can't get up a flight of stairs. I had tried to get her to leave him. She decided to stay with him even though there was spousal abuse. I would have loved to see what she could have been had she tried to maintain where she was or lose weight, but a series of bad decisions and worse men led her to where she is now.

  • Oh, sorry to hear all of that. Based on what you said my Melissa would probably be too big for you. That’s ok she’s mine anyway!

  • That is so good buddy I am so very happy for you, so horny thinking of you all watching each other having sex, I hope Melissa feel's sexy enough to give you a nice blow job or a tug while you are watching your sister and Aura, certainly you would have no problem staying hard as a rock for that.
    Just maybe later on Aura will want to play with Melissa then you might be able to demand a threesome eh ?

  • Thanks. It takes forever for this site to update, and since posting this we have watched my sister and Aura fuck. It was weird seeing my sister naked like that. While they were fucking Melissa got a bit horny and just about devoured me alive again.

    I don’t see a threesome happening though. She has waited for years to make me hers and she’s pretty possessive. That’s ok because the only regret I have is not giving her a chance sooner. And the best thing is the very reason I hesitated, her weight, is something that excites me now. I LOVE having a fat girlfriend. It’s incredible. Tue sex, the way her body feels...everything. And her appetite for sex is as big as her appetite for food. She made me give it up 4 times the other night. And when I was tired the way she coached and encouraged me to keep pushing myself harder and as deep into her as I could get, it really helped me push through the fatigue. I feel so loved and a sense of belonging like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.

  • How about some pictures of all of you? I bet Melissa would like it if other guys thought she was hot too not to mention your sister and Aura. Sounds like you have it made.

  • So wonderful I am ever so happy for you both.
    Even though she is overweight is her pussy still nice and tight ? and do you do her anally ?

  • She feels amazing. And yes, we’ve had anal a couple times now. She has a far greater sexual appetite than any other woman I’ve ever been with. Our second week together she was on her period and it was all anal all that week. Sorry that may have been tmi.

  • Just so fantastic, bet you could not be happier

  • Youtube.com/watch?v=L0CVoFsUhC4

  • LMAO!

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