Cum eater

Over the past six months, I have developed an overwhelming desire to suck cum from my wifes cunt. It started one night, after I blew a huge load inside of her. Normally I just roll over and she gets up and goes to the bathroom to clean up, but for some reason, I slid my face down between her legs and started eating her sopping wet pussy. I looked up at her face while I ate her, to see her reaction. I feared she might think it was disgusting or weird, but she smiled at me and pulled my face deeper into her snatch. I brought her to a quick orgasm with my tongue, then she told me that it was the hottest thing I had ever done to her. Now we do that every time I cum in her pussy, and we both love it. I'm afraid to tell her, but for some strange reason, I want to watch her fuck another man, then suck his cum out of her. I'm not gay, so this is really strange for me. I really don't think she would ever do such a thing, but it is my number one fantasy lately.

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  • My GF at the time ex and I passed each other in front of my apartment building as he was leaving and I was arriving earlier than usual. In the apartment my GF was laying in the couch in a black seethrough nighty and her hair was messed up. I kissed her, kneeled in front of her and made an advance to put my head between her legs, she tried to half-heartedly to push me away. She didn't know I had seen her ex and she didn't want me to find out she just had sex with someone else. I persisted and to her (original) horror and my extreme pleasure I started eating her pussy which turned out to be overflowing with her ex's creamie cum and her pussy juice. I eagerly licked up every drop I could get. After we had some really hot sex. Neither one of us ever mentioned that she had intercourse with her ex.

  • What a bunch of dispicable characters we have here, even if you do it what an arsehole for telling the whole world

  • Hey, don't knock it till you try it. The taste of my hot cum mixed with my old lady's sweet pussy juice is quite tasty, and I don't care if the whole world knows about it.

  • I enjoy eating my cum out of my girlfriend.
    The first time that she had me do it, I had just pumped my load in her and rolled over to relax when she said that I wasn’t finished and she grabbed a hand full of my hair and guided me to her leaking pussy. She had two more orgasms while I licked her clean.
    I love when she does that.

  • Me too I love it. For me it didn't take a lot of conveniencing for my wife to be willing to let another guy fuck her. She jumped at the chance. Her only stipulation is I can't be in the room while there fucking. I have to wait for him to leave. Which sucks, because sometimes the guy doesn't leave till the next morning. But morning after creampie isn't half bad either.

  • I totally did the same. It led me down a slippery slope and I ended up sucking a big cock. Ashamed to admit it

  • I do feel super guilty for cheating on my wife with him. I have sucked him off 4 times now. I am fighting the urge to do it a 5th time.

  • My girlfriend likes me to do that also. I like to lick it out of her asshole also.

  • Anal cream pie? Tell us more

  • Love to cum up jet asshole and lick and suck it out. Sticking my tongue in and out of her asshole. Love it and she also

  • Right there with you. I love doing this to my wife too! I also want to share her and let her be creampied by the guys, I've also thought about going down on her afterwards...

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