My Desire to be watched while I masturbate

I love dressing as a lady, I am a single naughty man in good shape, slim with long legs. I work in media, so it is acceptable for me to grow my hair long, its right down to my shoulders.
I have lots of lovely silky lingerie and I particularly like wearing chiffon pleated skirts and sheer blouses. I have been cultivating my breasts for years and they have developed to a 38c cup with pretty nipples!! when I wear my bra's and sheer slips my nipples can be seen through my blouse.
I love to go to parking lots and pretend to be cleaning the screen of my car with my skirt blowing up on a windy day showing my undies and stockings.
When I am showing off my penis is erect in my panties, usually silk French knickers and I feel so aroused, naughty and sexy.
I would love to meet a man who would masturbate me. I would love him to lift my skirt and silky slip, slide his hand into my knickers and gently lift my erection out, slide his lips over my penis head and make love to me.

All my love, Lady Lingerie xxxx

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  • Just like you, i love wearing ladies lingerie...right now I'm wearing a pair of nylon briefs, some pantyhose, a high waist firm control slip short panty, a 15" half slip, and a nylon camisole, as i masturbate while writing this. Darling you dont know how excited I am after reading your post. I would adore being able to slowly lift your skirt and begining to caress your stocking covered legs. God they feel fantastic. As i raise my hands higher i begin rubbing my face over your silky smooth legs kissing them all over as i go higher and higher. When i reach your french silk panties, i would begin caressing every inch of your silky panties, loving the silky feel. Slowly i move my hands to your errect penis standing straight out and begin slowly fondling your hard pole. I am so unbelievably excited by feeling your throbbing penis in my hands as i fondle you. Finally my face reaches your silk panties, and i rub my face all around ypur hard penis. As i rub my face all over your penis, i begin kissing it thru your panties. I am worshipping your panty covered penis, focusing only on your pleasure. I am in love with your penis, and now i begin masturbating you thru your panties. I know how divine that feels, because i love jacking off my own cock while i wear some silky panties. I am stroking you faster and faster, and soon i feel it throbbing in my hand telling me that your climax is near. As you get ready to squirt your thick, white, hot cum in your panties i open my mouth and take your panty covered cock in my mouth and begin sucking your essence out of your delicious penis. While i am letting you recover from your glorious climax i love the feeling o

  • Part 2 cont.
    Of your panties, so i feel them for a while. Then i ask you to lift you bottom up and i begin sliding down your creme filled panties. Then i slowly lift up the hem of your skirt to your waist, and do the same with your lacy, silky slip. By now your penis is standing straight up, so i slowly begin stroking you while i lower my face down to your penis and then i begin rubbing your stiff penis all over my face. I love ypur penis & i begin kissing the purple head of your penis. It is soooo beautiful. Soon i am sliding my head down the entire length of your cock. Then i begin begin bobbing my head up and down fucking you with my mouth, while i am running my tounge all over your delicious penis. Soon i feel your hard cock throbbing in my mouth telling me to expect another load of your sticky, hot cum. As you start to squirt i pull your penis out of my mouth so i can feel you shoot your thick, hot sperm all over my face. I use the head of your penis to smear your hot cum all over my face and mouth. It is so wonderful, having your hot seed all over my face, and in my mouth.
    You are wiped out so while you recover i begin unbuttoning your blouse, and begin carressing your 38C breasts thru your silky soft bra. Your nipples are rock hard so i unhook your bra and begin hungrially nursing on one of your magnificent breasts while caressing the other and pinching your hard nipple. As you get arroused, i tell you what treat awaits you. I offer to pull down my panties and lay on my belly so you can impale me with your hard penis. I have been dreaming of having a man like you penetrating my bottom and then filling it with your thick, hot sperm. I have waited all my life for this and now you my darling are fulfilling my desires just like i have done with you. Did reading my post make you hard? Please, please be my lover and contact me. I'm in El Paso, Tx. Love Wearing Women's Lingerie

  • Ohooooo! you are naughty my lover, I became rock hard just reading the first few lines and by the time I had finished your post my white silk French knickers were soaking wet with my cum. I love the way you want to suck me through my knickers, holding my bum cheeks as you pull me towards your mouth, I would be rubbing my nipples working myself into a fever pitch of excitement as you slid your mouth over the silk feeling my erection throbbing beneath the silky material of my lacy silky knickers.
    I would love the two of us to be laying on my bed, dressed in our silky lingerie, fondling and caressing each other, kissing passionately and you whispering for me to take you and I would roll you over placing a pillow beneath you belly, smooth crème on your bum hole and lifting your hips slide my throbbing penis inside you gently thrusting and hearing your moans of joy.
    I would fondle and caress you penis as I thrust into you until you scream out that you are reaching your climax then we would both cum together, with you filling your silky panties and me filling your lovely bottom with hot white silky cum.
    I am wearing a pale pink bra, pink suspenders and coffee coloured shiny stockings, a vintage silk and lace full slip and the most sexy pink lacy French knickers both of which I have soaked writing this post, you naughty sexy boy!!!!

  • Dear Lady Lingerie, you made me creme my pink panties, and what you wrote is my fantasy. You may be to far away to meet, but let's contact each other somehow...snail mail, e-mail or over the phone. At least we could masturbate while we told each other all the hot details of our fantasies. Please don't just be a prick tease...we are silky lingerie soul mates.

  • Darling I'm wearing my favourite ensemble, silky shiny coffee coloured stockings, White satin suspender belt, ice white lacy silk French knickers, white satin and lace bra and the most gorgeous vintage white lacy silk full slip with a lacy slit up the front nearly exposing my throbbing penis. To top it all I am wearing my Lilac "Medeshe" silk dress, all flouncy and flirty and gorgeously sensual around my legs, complimented with a pair of strappy white 4 inch heeled shoes as I mince along, you would love it!!!
    I am feeling so aroused, my penis is throbbing under my knickers just waiting for your trembling hand to gently caress, rolling your fingers around the head while you kiss me passionately.

    I am now laying on my bed, slowly pulling the hem of my dress up exposing my silky slip, then I am holding the silky slip in my fingers pulling both up above my waist exposing my lovely long stockinged legs. My fingers are reaching down to my crotch, caressing my silk knicker covered penis, clutching it tightly in my fingers and OOOOhhhh!!! darling I'm cumming, I am cupping my other hand to catch the semen, Oh! you naughty girl, I say to myself just before I lick the hot silky seed, its so lovely and sweet>

    I now darling I lay back savouring the moment and waiting to post you again.

  • I am so horny after reading your 2nd reply
    Are you the same one who wrote a reply to "I am a sissy panty boy"? You talked about your "python". So how big is your cock? I favor smaller or average sized penises. You also said that you lived in the uk, but didn't know how to contact me safely. Was that you? What kind of car do you have as you mentioned cleaning the "screen"? I love british sports cars. My first car was an Austin Healey 3000 Mk. 3. Also into Porsches and have owned 2. If you would like to contact me, i will give you my mailing address, and you can just send it to resident. Then i will give you my name and phone number and/or email address. I got to go and masturbate my panty clad cock hoping and dreaming of what the future may hold for me...or us. Waiting for your next post. Hurry my love.

  • Darling, I am proud to have an average size cock, not a "Python", however when its erect it is fabulous looking and very lively.
    I do live in the UK, but not into cars, but very much into ladies clothes. I am lucky I live on my own and dress En-Femme all the time. I have just got up this morning and I am wearing a lovely flirty negligee, very full and silky and it feels so very sensual over my penis and testicles when I walk.
    I am sitting wearing it while I post you and it feels wonderful. It is double layer black over white and very, very silky, OoHHoooo! I'm caressing myself!!!

    I shall wear black lingerie today, black bra, suspender and stockings, my black silk French knickers are gorgeous, they are pure silk with split sides covered in gorgeous lace, so very, very sexy. My slip is also vintage with lovely lace so beautiful, it cost a lot and came from Australia. I have selected a black chiffon blouse and you can just see the outline of my underwear beneath it. Lovely!!!!

    To finish off I will wear a pair of satin harem pants, quite full and very sensual, especially when I'm walking along.

    Well my darling, I will be thinking of you, post me later my sweety, I'm feeling so horny and wet with pre-cum.

  • Hello honey, back in the 90's i was married to a lady who really was open minded about sex. She encouraged me to wear my lingerie 24/7, as if i needed any encouragement. Back then i wore a 13" panty-slip, thigh high stockings although sometimes i wore garter belts & hose, or else control top panty hose, and a silky soft cup bra, and a nylon camisole. I would wear them under my clothes. I was a mechanic. I loved seeing all the pretty ladies dropping off their German cars and i would think, "I am wearing more lingerie than you are". That made me wet my panties with pre cum. One day my step daughter crawled in bed with us and looked under the covers and saw my panty slip and giggled and told her mom that i was wearing a "skirt". Her mom explained that i love wearing all the silky things ladies wear. She asked if she could see what i was wearing, and her mom told her yes. She pulled down the covers down & exposed my lingerie. She lifted my slip up and my penis was standing straight up in my panties. She asked if that was my weiner, and then asked if she could feel it. Her Mom said to go ahead. I couldn't believe my 11 yr. old step daughter was fondling me thru my panties. I showed her how i like to be masturbated, and she caught on right away. Soon she asked if i would show it to her and her mom told me that was okay, so i tpld her to put her hand inside the leg band of my panties and then take it out. She pulled it out and began masturbating me the way i showed her. I was in heaven having this young girl playing with my errect penis. My wife watched her smiling. I told her to go faster, and grip it harder and she did. She was sitting on my thighs leaning over my cock, and soon i shot my thick white cum all over her face and hair. She kept jacking my cock till i told her to stop. My wife asked her how she liked that, and she said she liked it and asked me if I'd let her do it again. I told her any time she wanted.

  • Part 2.
    She climbed up on my chest and told me she wanted me to do her now and reached over taking my hand placing it on her panties. She told me, "they're soft just like yours are". I spent a few minutes fondling her panties and then began rubbing her tight, smooth vagina thru her panties. She moaned telling me how wonderful that felt, and then i slid her panties down and began touching her smooth, hairless, little girl vagina. She kept squesling oh yesss, and god that feels soooo good...don't stop. I didn't. I was in heaven touching her tender young pussy. I looked over at my wife and she was fingering herself, my step daughter had her eyes closed, moaning in pleasure. After about 20 minutes my wife came loudly and her daughter saw her hand inside her panties, and asked me is she doing what you are doing to me? I told her yes, and then asked if she was ready for something that would even feel alot better than my fingering her. She told me how great she was feeling, but i stopped and slid further down in the bed so i was basically laying flat
    and told her to pull her panties all the way off, and then to sit on my face so i could lick her vagina. She placed her vagina right over my lips and then sat on my face. She squealed in pleasure as i kissed her on the lips...her vagina lips. She absolutely went felt so good. Then i placed my tounge between her pussy lips and started tounge fucking her and she was just squealing in the bliss of passion. That turned me on badly that my wife gave me a helping hand inside my panties. I really loved giving my step daughter such pleasure...after about 30 minutes she started really panting and moaning and squealing as she had her first climax.
    We can use the wztts app to call each other, but judging from your lack of response i guess you dont. Such a pity.

  • I'm not into little girls and in any case your story sounds like a fantasy!!
    My pleasure is strictly ladylike and I would desire a rich handsome man to kiss, caress, fondle and take me as he would a lady, taking my knickers down and pushing his erection between my cheeks, then thrusting until his love juice pumps into my bum!!!!
    I was flirting with someone today who seemed interested and I'm meeting him tomorrow! Well, we will see if my hunch was right. It may come to nothing but I will try him.

  • I would love to see u in panties and lingerie and jerk off all over your asshole

  • I'd like that too. Don't post about about it :)

  • Darling you would really love my appearance as I have been cultivating a feminine look for years and I am good at it. I just love wearing silky flirty ladies underwear and dresses, suspenders and stockings which feel gorgeous when brushing against my erection. I can go out dressed as a lady and be quite normal in appearance although I do get the occasional second glance from some ladies.
    I love walking along feeling aroused with my cock erect under a flirty floaty dress with my silky lacy slip sliding over its throbbing head. My legs are long and slim and fit a UK size 7 high heeled shoe, but I am careful not to have them to high.
    I love sitting in the pub drinking a gin and tonic and watching men ogling my legs, it is so very sexy!
    Well, I met a man yesterday, nice about middle fifties I'd say who followed me out of the bank. He came up to me down the street as I looked in a shop and said "you look lovely my beauty what about a date"? I was startled, but he put his hand on my hip and said "I know your a tranny and I like what I see, so what about it"? I was shaking, but said I would like that. "Have you somewhere to go" ? he said. I told him I had a flat not far away and we could go there, "that's wonderful, lets go" he said and off we went, it was that quick.
    We got to my flat and after introductions went to my bedroom where he kissed me and I felt his hand up my dress "Oh! you naughty girl you are so erect" he said "I want to fuck you"! He took his clothes off, he had such a hard on and I wanted it and gave him a condom. I got off the bed and bent over, he pulled my panties down, pulled my cheeks apart and was inside me in seconds. He fucked me so hard, holding my hips shouting "you are a sexy girl, you are a sexy girl and very naughty" I loved it, I clenched my cheeks and gripped his cock, my dress and slip were up over my waist and I had a wonderful man inside me fucking me like a lady. Cum my darling cum, I shouted as I felt ejaculate. Absolute bliss!!

  • Hi Lady Lingerie, I'm glad your encounter with the stranger was a pleasurable one. It really turned me on reading it. Sounds like you had a real hot time. Awesome!!!

  • Thank you darling. Well he is not really a stranger as I see him most days passing each other in the street. It was just that he plucked up courage at last to approach me and tell me what he desired.
    He is married and works at one of the estate agencies in our town. He was so nervous the day before yesterday and it was over so quickly, I would have loved the experience to have lasted longer. However he was delicious, a really hard erection and he really filled his condom. I would have liked that spurting in me.
    For my part, the joy was pretending to be his wife, offering my buttocks to his urgent thrusts, feeling him lifting my dress and slip, pulling my panties off, gripping my hips and kissing my neck while he enjoyed me. It was wonderful clenching my cheeks around the head of his erection, trapping his penis inside my bottom for maximum sensation for both of us.
    He promised to meet up again and I gave him my phone number, but we'll see, I do hope so.
    As for me, today I'm wearing pink, pink satin underwired bra, pink silky satin and lace French knickers (not panties) and a matching satin suspender belt. I have selected a white chiffon blouse a very floaty pleated chiffon skirt which come to just above my knees in length, Very naughty and very sensual!!

    Well my darling, until next time, love from Lingerie lover.

  • Part 2; Well he phoned me yesterday lunchtime, I was so pleased and excited, he asked could he come round for some fun. He arrived within twenty minutes. I was dressed in white silky lingerie and my lilac silk floaty Medeshe dress with white strappy high heels.
    I let him in and we started kissing almost immediately, I felt so horny, my penis was pushing out from under my silky French knickers as soon as he reached up under my dress. We went to my bedroom, he was naked in seconds, with a wonderful erection. We held each other, I could feel his erection pushing against me, I was his wife, I loved the fantasy, I fell back on the bed and he got between my legs, I gripped him around his waist, he pulled my knickers aside and entered me!! That sensation will be with me forever, his erection inside me and us kissing while he gently fucked me.
    I was screaming when he eventually ejaculated, it was an explosion inside me, he had so much cum, I thought he would never stop thrusting and it was so passionate.

  • I would love to reach under your skirt and make your throbbing cock spurt in my hand. My sweet girl.

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