Female masterbation tips wanted (from girls)

Hi, I am Holly, I am 23, newly single and rediscovering masterbation. I don't always orgasm, but do usually with sex, and I think it's because masterbation lacks the excitement.
I want to hear from other girls what techniques you have tried and what works. I am willing to be brave, and a friend has already suggested I touch my bum hole, but not tried it.
Please give your name if you are happy to.
Thanks in advance Holly

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  • Hi.Im a 36 year old married mum of 3.Me and my husband still have sex occasionally but its not always satisfying for me.So I do masturbate alot and I mean alot.I have time at home alone for most of the day so I usually get myself off about 3 times or more on a really good day.As for tips,its best to learn what works best for your body/vagina.I can normally get myself off with my fingers,rubbing my clit with a good lube,I like the tingly warming gel.Or getting further in for direct g spot rubbing.No distractions and I can be done in 10 to 20 minutes.Also getting my brain in the mood helps.Driving back from the school run I get myself horny just thinking about masturbating.If fingers don't work,toys are always fun too.I have a nice small collection.A 9 inch flesh feel dildo,use that when I'm feeling extra frisky.A curved g spot vibrator,that works quite well,my hubby uses that well on me.I also have a we vibe,that could be quite fun to wear under your pants in public,I've never been that adventurous.Sometimes when I'm feeling a little dirty,ill watch porn,I tend to like watching large black guys fuck white girls and I'm beginning to have dirty fantasies about men other than my hubby.Anyway thanks for sharing too.Anna.

  • Brenda here. What works evertime for me is either watching porn and fucking myself with a massive huge dildo. Or going out in public and masterbating in a place where I could get caught and arrested. Which has come real close to happening on a couple occasion.

  • Thanks Brenda, I like the sound of that, where have you tried? What's your technique to hide what you're doing?

  • Sorry Holly its been a busy week.
    Well their's no real technique to it. I've found that if I wear a normal length skirt, just above the knees, with no panties. Then a heavily padded pushup bra, depending on how big your boobs are already, and a low cut top. You want to reveal as much cleavage and boobs as legally possible. That way people are starring at your breasts and not what your hands are doing. Works great for shoplifting also. I would have to say my most favorite places, with the highest chances of getting caught, are our Bus / Train station, and the City psrks on the weekends when they have the most people in them. This is also when police patrol them the heavest.
    Avoid places like bars, clubs, and other places where hot girls hang out.

  • Hi Brenda, I was getting the last train home last night when I checked on here and saw your reply. I know you said train station but I thought why not on the train. The carriage was quiet, only 5 people in it all at the other end. I slipped my hand between my legs and started rubbing my panties. It felt great but I kept stopping as I was paranoid someone would walk in from the next carriage from behind me. After a while, i used the bathroom to remove my panties and went back to it. I put my coat over my legs which enabled me to keep going. I managed to orgasm, and it was a good one, I guess because of the thrill of the risk.

  • Great job Holly. See it's not that difficult. Now next time don't put your coat over your lap. Your end goal is to keep them distracted with your face or boobs, and they won't even realize you're masterbating right in front of them. One of my girlfriends is so good at this, that she can literally have her skirt hiked up using a viberator, and all people stareing at and talking about is her boobs and cleavage.

  • I have done it again since on the train, and think it might be my new thing, I love it. I have also tried a bus which was easier as I went to the back seat. I think an old man may have worked out what I was doing as he winked at me, kinda amusing, probably gave him an erection lol
    Have to admit I have started wearing a lot more short skirts incase the opportunity arises, and as a result I have started to feel more confident.

  • Hi Holly, Karrie here, I'm 28 yrs old and single. I'm no stranger to masterbating, I don't have a steady boyfriend, however I do have friends with benefits. The one thing about masterbating is that you're the one in control. For me to achieve masterbating glory, it all depends on my mood and just how horny I am. Which could mean anything from masterbating with a little viberator laying on my bed, to voyagerism by laying totally naked outside on my back deck, and fucking myself with massive dildo in my pussy and asshole. Then there's always pressing you clit against the corner of the washer during the spin cycle. You just have to experiment, dirty fantasies, masterbate with strange things, on line porn. You'll find what works best for you, just keep practicing, I masterbate at least twice a day, if not more. I've even taken a day off from work just to lay around the house and masterbate all day long. Good luck Holly.

  • I totally agree that it's in the mind, I think I need to think more dirty thoughts so I am hornier. Thing is I need to be able to turn it off. There used to be a guy at work I fancied and had naughty thoughts about, I couldn't turn it off and shameful once masterbated in the toilets to clear my head. He has since left, ☹️
    My washer is built in btw so I am unable to ahem 'mount it' lol, welcome other suggestions though. Holly

  • Well Holly, you definitely need to go out and get some play toys. Long, short, skinny, fat, massive. Cover all the basics. I have a little viberator that looks like a tube of lipstick till you open it up, I carry it in my purse, alone with an extra battery, l'll use this at work, or when I'm out and about, all you need is a bathroom. You can make masterbating a whole new life style for you.
    I'm able too, and have done this numerous times, sit at my desk at work, thinking if a real nasty fantasy and actually orgasim so hard a much that I've wet my panties, chair, and back of my dress. Without even touching myself. Anouther thing that works well for me is, I have my clit pierced, if I wear a heavy long dangley piece of jewelry there with no underwearand a longer skirt. A good fast walk will bring on a good orgasim. Just keep practicing.

  • You should try ANKENING, leg pressure masturbation, lay on one side and bend your knees then start moving your outside leg up and down squeezing your cunt it will feel like you are being fucked, place your hand between your legs and play with your clit.
    Hope it works for you, it is just fantastic.
    Please let me know how you go darling, Dianne

  • Wow I had never heard of this, but tried it last night. Not sure how good I was at it but I could feel something and with more practice I think could work. Definitely one to fantasise to, I used to like my bf sliding it in to me from behind in bed, I would sleep curled up and he would sometimes slide in to me to wake me up lol fond memories
    Thanks Dianne

  • So glad you tried ANKENING darling please keep it up it is just so good xx Dianne

  • Do you have toys?

  • No I tend to use fingers or improvise

  • The hand held shower head always works for me!

  • I used to do this when I was a teenager living with my parents, the shower covered the noise, and made sure it was private, still do it sometimes, but often not enough these days

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