Where is the most unusual place you have had sex?

Where is the most unusual place you have had sex or what to have sex? How naughty were you? How risky were you?
Please give age and gender

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  • At my aunts funeral, talking to one of my dads friend that I had a crush on, I couldn't stop crying, my aunt was young and died of cancer, and I blurred out I like him, and he said he's fantasized about me too, and we made our way downstairs of the funeral home, and found an empty room, but it wasn't empty, it was filled with caskets, caskets for selection so they were empty. It was the best sex I ever had. We met up a few times after that too.

  • Mini blow jobs in restaurants and bars at the tables. Girlfriend would just duck down and do it for 20 seconds with waiters and customers around, but not get caught.

    On a bus at night with people around. And many outdoor places.

  • Love getting blow jobs while driving.

  • Love having sex where u could get caught

  • Where have you tried?

  • On the hood of my corvette

  • Any ass dents?

  • I'm a male and fucked my girlfriend in the park on the monkey bars.

  • Dangling from the bars? If so that is impressive

  • I'm a male. At the time I was much younger. I'm a doctor and fucked my wife in one of the treatment rooms while the staff and patient were there.

  • A grave yard.

  • Creepy, do tell

  • Not really that exciting.Was just on the way home late at night,though it would be fun.

  • I was 35 when a hot korean woman who was 9 years older than me and i got it on in the back of her car in the parking lot of a local park late one night. laws around here are that you aren't supposed to be loitering in a park after 10, so it was after that. just after we (well, i) was finished , and as i was zipping up her dress. a police cruiser pulled up with spotlights blaring. the two cops (a guy and a girl with a pony tail) had us get out of the car, and each one of them questioned both of us; the man cop me and the female cop her. they asked us about if there were drugs in the car and if either one of us had drugs (we talked about it afterwards), but never about if the woman i was with was a hooker. they were pretty cool and let us go, and we laughed about it afterwards. i'm sure the cops did too

  • In a restroom stall at work. I was sexting a coworker, and we were getting ramped up as fuck with dirty talk. I told her to meet me by the mens' restroom, and I checked and it was empty. We went in and got nasty. I came twice, and her three times. Other guys came in to take a leak and stuff, and obviously knew what was going on, but they never told anyone. They thought it was amusing. It's good to have friends who have your back.

  • I used to fuck my sister in church when we were in our early teens . We started out just playing around, tickling each other, then started touching each others genitals, just because we both hated church and were totally bored. We sat in the back pew where no one could set behind us and see what we were doing. One sunday, my sister layed down on the floor between the pews and pulled up her dress and motioned for me to join jer. When the preacher was looking down at his bible, I slipped down on top of her and entered her tight, wet pussy for the first time in my life. I came almost instantly. We did it several times after that. It's amazing that we never got caught.

  • I'm 42 female and married. I work at the parts counter for a truck dealer. The mechanics have their own locker room and shower area so they can clean up at the end of the day if they chose. We were doing inventory over night as to keep the parts department open during the day. So Im working with a couple guys and the dirty jokes are flowing . Then the one guy says he has always been into older women and would love to give me the D. Well the other guy was like "dude you cant say shit like that!" He ended up apologizing . The other guy went to do a lunch run leaving me with the guy who liked older woman and his remark was on my mind. Once we were alone I said to him if he was serious about giving me the D now was his one and only chance and if he ever said anything I would get his ass fired. He followed me in the shower room and we both shucked off our clothes two minutes later Im sucking his dick and he is telling me how hot I am and really turning me on. i got on my hands and knees and he just went to town fucking me.Then it all comes to a stop when I hear Jenny! Wtf! then dude stop fucking her she is married to a friend of mine. I looked up at him and told him I would suck his dick if he just kept this our secret . He looked at me and said he wanted pussy too or no deal. So yes I was a whore cheated on my husband for the first time ever and it ended up being with two guys at work in the shower room.

  • The most unusual place for me was while attending a football game at my old high school ,my wife and I snuck off into the school. I took her to my old English class and fucked her while she was bent over the teacher's desk all while calling her and her acting the role of Miss Kyle my hot English teacher. I don't think I ever got off that hard before or since.

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