Fun with younger boys

I was 13 when a neighbor boy popped my cherry it was'nt so bad it hurt but felt good. That began my love for boys. I'm 35 now and still find a boy of12 or13 a better fuck than someone my own age.
My current young lover is 13 he's a slim light skin negro boy with an 8 inch penis that is constantly hard and full of sweet boy spunk. Any other girls share my
Love for the younger cocks.



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  • I love watching my 8yr son when he's just wearing pants with a lil hard on, he knows I stare at it and he rubs it off my leg, I'd love to suck it for him.

  • She must be from Alabama

  • You must feel very insecure around adult men if you're fucking kids. I'm married, but I want to feel a grown man's cock pleasuring me. Fucking a 13 year old child in our state would constitute having a charge of statutory rape placed against you and you could get a few years in prison for it. My advice would be to find an adult man to pleasure you.

  • I what to find a young girl to fuck

  • I m the same I like them young because they can go all night cumming multiple times and their semen tastes sweeter

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