I’m a straight guy and like to dress up in black pantyhose and panties. Nothing else. I do this in the privacy of my own home. I also like to sick a dildo up my ass and put my pantyhose over it. It feels so good. Once I did go out of my house with a dildo up my asshole and drove around. It felt so good and naughty. When day at my girlfriend house I asked her if I could wear her pantyhose. She said ok and picked a few out for me. She was ok with it and said my legs looked good. So when I do over there I hang out in her pantyhose.

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  • Often go shopping or out for the day with a butt plug in, I love taking my 9" vibrator in my ass, I wear panties 24/7

  • Would love to see u in panties

  • Want to see me all dressed up in all of my silky women's lingerie? Years ago i used tp wake up early in the a.m. and would walk around the block wearing nothing but my panties, thigh high stockings, a short half slip, and my satin cup bra. Good what an absolute rush.

  • Love to see your pics

  • Would love to see that. Send me pics. Drrfitetto@yahoo.com

  • Drrfitetto@gmail.com

  • Send me pics

  • Drrfiretto@gmail.com

  • That's hot a but plug up your ass. I'm horny right now and fell like going out and buy some pantyhose and something to stick up my ass.

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