Silky, worn panties.

I love a beautiful woman in sexy panties. I love the feel, the smell, everything about sexy panties.
I was houses sitting for friends (the wife is very sexy). The morning after they left for the trip, I went over the to check the mail, feed the pets. Before I left their house I went to use the bathroom. As I was peeing I noticed an open laundry hamper. Sitting right on top was a pair of silky black panties. Just thinking about them as I was peeing make me instantly hard. I couldn't resist. I picked them up and held the crotch to my nose. They must have been the panties she had been wearing the night before because they were still a little damp. Oh man did they smell delicious. The image of her wet pussy flashed through my mind as I beat my cock till I came all over the toilet. I still get hard years later thinking about her and her sexy wet panties.

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  • That’s so hot! I love to sniff dirty panties, the pussy, and especially the asshole smell makes me so horny.

  • I do love the smell of a wet dripping pussy!

  • You naughty sexy person, those panties probably had semen on them from when she was fucked the night before they left! Lovely!!!!!
    I bet you still wank over or wearing ladies underwear, please tell!

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