Hired an escort for my daughter

My daughter came out to us fairly young, but was too shy/nervous/scared/awkward to ask any other girls out, not even after she started high school. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and (with her and my wife’s permission), started researching independent escorts in the area. My daughter actually picked her favorite out of a list of “candidates,” and we booked some time with her. On the day of, my daughter and I went to her and, after some very ... interesting explanation and a quite generous tip, she agreed, took my daughter’s hand, and they both waved goodbye to me.

I picked my daughter up when their time was over, and she had a very happy, vacant, mussled-hair look to her. She thanked me, slept on the car ride home, and took a long shower and nap after.

She still doesn’t have a girlfriend, but she’s a lot more confident and open about herself at school now.

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  • Damn, dude. You should have just had your wife do her. Prostitutes are expensive and they have a way high probability of giving your daughter an STD. You should also give her some of daddy's cock, just to make sure that she is really a full on lesbo, and not just bi.

  • You’re a fucking idiot...escorts and whores aren’t the same and her mom? Fuck off

  • I’d love to hire one for my wife

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