I would secretly love to be in an amateur porn

Im in my very early 20's and have fantasized about being in a homemade porn.
Ive never told anyone ,its locked away in my head for my enjoyment . I think about how neat it would be to have a few guys undress me ,squeeze my tits and nipples , and me sucking them hard and getting serviced by them and sucking down all of the guys loads . just have guy after guy fuck me , not a huge bunch of guys ,maybe 4 or 5 ,all while someone films it all .
If this was a perfect world with no chance of disease , I'd do it in a heartbeat

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  • Be careful when I was 18 when a bf and I made a bunch of sex tapes. We recorded threesome both mfm and mff and then we broke up. they leaked everywhere in my town and I have even had people show me where they found it online. it can end up being super embarrassing especially when your family finds out

  • Just do it.

  • Haha way back in my late teens my bf at the time talked me into making some homemade porn.I admit that I was young and dumb but actually looked great on film so we made quite a few and I enjoyed doing it. I ended up keeping alot after we broke up,should've deleted them but forgot about them.Now married and almost 30,my hubby had found my homemade porn.I was embarrassed at first but then surprised when he said he loved watching it.It brought back my sexually adventurous side and really spiced things up in the bedroom.Should I be worried now my hubby has joked about having threesomes.

  • Thats great he saw them .. good girl , good for you . As for the three somes , good luck on that outcome

  • Thanks

  • I would like to be one of the 5 guys x

  • Try posting on the site it’s all amateurs and they get excellent feedback Truthordarepics.com

  • If I had a video of it , I think I'd keep it to myself, but thank you

  • Just go and make a few movies. It’s going to haunt you for the rest of your life.
    What’s the big deal these days anyways.
    By the time your older no one will care and it won’t matter to anyone

  • Great point

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