Where to wank in public

Really want to try wanking in public more but where could I do it?
Right now I only do it in public toilets but need some more risky places
I go to college too so bear that in mind
Any suggestions welcome

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  • I'm a 19 yr old female college student. I would go to our library at night and get on the computers in the back, and skipe with others and get naked and masterbate. Till I got caught, now I can only use the computers up front.

  • I’d give your pussy a real tongue lashing sweetie

  • Would love to see that x

  • Try the library. Our college library is open 24/7, utterly huge and virtually empty at night.
    All those book shelves give a lot to hide behind.
    At our college everyone knows the library challenge, which is basically to have sex in the library. Because of its size they have automatic lighting, so only bits in use were lit. Top trick is to go to that far corner, reach up and tape something over the light sensor, then wait till the lights go out and start fucking. I reckon you could wank off instead, happy jerking

  • I will rub my dick in public fully nude all the time. I think the best part is being caught if I was you I'd strip naked in front of the library

  • I like to pull my pants down to my ankles while driving. It feels so naughty. I like to pull up to a woman next to me.

  • If you are in college I'm sure you will be aware that some parts are basically teaching only or offices only and thus empty in the evenings, but are accessed from the same door as an open area, bar etc.
    Try going up that random staircase, to that quiet dark corridor of offices or lecture theaters, testing doors as you go. Se what you find, it's great, you can wank of in a professors office, a chemistry lab, sports hall, seminar room. With all those corridors and doors something will have been left open, try your luck.

  • Depends on what gets you off about public masturbation. If you're trying to attract somebody by waving a hardon, that's cruising, and there are specific areas for that. If you're showing your boner to a person on a bus, plane or train, that's flashing, which is also done from a car. If you are completely nude and jerking off from a highway overpass, in broad daylight, you are a flasher of the thrill-seeking sort and are following a thread of greater and greater risks than can be, ultimately, self-destructive. Or, so my doctor says, LOL !

  • Try masturbating while driving

  • In class....
    on a bus...
    janitors closet...
    university library...
    professors office while you wait to speak with him/her...
    university cafe...
    university sports complex bleachers...
    university parking lot...
    university park, by the lake...

    haven't given it much thought or else i could name a few.

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