Fantasize about wife getting fucked on a girls trip

Often I have fantasized about my beautiful blonde wife to come out of her sexual shell and show that animal side. I can envision her going away on a girls ski trip, they go to after ski having a great time meet some other well to do guys, hit the hot tub for some prosecco and music. As they sit there and the prosecco flows some of the guys and girls start hooking up, finally my wife in her nearly see thru white borrowed undershirt sits on a guys lap he starts kissing her neck, his hand on her leg which she brushes off, he then puts his hand on her leg again slowly moving up her thigh as he slowly kissses her neck. They then trade shots of jager, a few of the couples leave the hot tub, his fingers glance her pussy through her panties, she reaches over to feel his hard cock unintentionally and then he repositions her on his lap so his cock is pressing her against her panties. She is turned on, no one is around and moves her slightly and his cock slides in her, shocked, scared... she enjoys it as he starts thrusting upward. As he works, he repositions himself in front of her, her back on the edge of the hot tub, he spreads her legs, grabs her breasts and starts fucking her as hard as he can. She tells him "don´t cum in side me... I am married..." he holds her down finally she orgasms and he sends one more final thrust into her ... she can feel his seed entering her, she feels like a woman, a sexual being again as he empties his cock into her.

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  • I fantasize about my wife cheating on me on a works trip.She's naked,on her knees,on the edge of a hotel bed taking a pounding from a younger guy with a much bigger cock than me,maybe 8 or 9 inches.He doesn't need it but he takes a viagra just to give her married milf pussy a damn good destroying.He fucks her for damn near 2 hours.The longest,most intense fucking she's received since being married.She lost count of how many orgasms she's had.She's so wet and slippery from squirting so much and feels extremely stretched from his big cock.He's in her bareback and soon empties his balls deep in her,because its a married milf pussy,so why not.After cleaning his cock and a bit of cuddling he gets dressed and kisses her goodnight.She slides on knickers and goes to sleep.In the morning she wakes and notices straight away the pounding she received from how sore her pussy feels and her pants are stuck to her pubic hair from the dried on cum that oozed out of her during the night.She showers then drives home.Once home she turns my sexual advances down because her pussy needs rest and she's paranoid that her pale bum cheeks will still be red from her lovers slaps and her hips maybe bruised from where he was holding on to her while fucking her doggystyle.

  • Sometime later she's acting strange and I ask her what's wrong.She breaks down and confesses to cheating on me and that she's late and she might be pregnant.I ask her to tell me details.I get very hard listening.She said she thought it was fine and that she wasn't anywhere near ovulating but clearly the young mans sperm was strong and fertile.I tell her its ok and if she's pregnant I'm ok with it,we can tell everyone we decided to have another baby.She puts her face in her hands and says that the guy was a bit tanned.I hug my wife tightly and lay her back on the bed.We make love.I strip her sexy body and eat her pussy,it tastes amazing.I enter her and while I fuck her I ask her to tell me more.She tells me he fucks her hard and so deep with such power and so long that she can't remember how many times she cums.I say more and she says he was so big and long and probably dumped his huge load right into her womb.Thats all it takes,I empty my nuts in her.We lay and cuddle and I tell my wife I love her.

  • There’s actually a large chance that your fantasy has been made a reality.

    I’m not just saying that to make you more horny, but almost all women are wired to be sexually attracted to dominate men (aka studs). If a stud selects your wife to pursue, she’ll feel an ego boost from “winning” an implicit competition for a dominant male. And, to further gurentee he’ll stick with her, she’ll become more submissive to him. Every stud knows what to do from there and the end result 90% of the time results in your fantasy becoming a reality.

    All of that is more nuanced than I make it out to be and there are some exceptions (e.g. the ability to overide psychobiological triggers), but that’s the gist for why you can bet that your wife has cheated on you and why you can bet that she will do so again.

    If you want to be a part of the side of her life that lets other men fuck her, you should come out to her as a stag or cuckold as soon as possible. Speaking from experience as a cuckold, you’ll never get used to this. If you ever record your wife being fucked by a stud and posted it online, it would be considered hardcore pornography. While you watch, pull your dick out and masturbate. Carefully edge yourself because it’s easy to cum very quickly from this (due to almost every man’s brain being wired to be aroused by our woman being fucked by another man, so we can quickly engage in sperm competition).


  • I get it and understand the entire thing. She is a conservative good girl so going to this EXTREME I find very hot / erotic and just thinking about her being different in the sack. Sperm comp.. yepp

  • It’s not as extreme for conservative women as you might think. Most conservative women tend respect masculinity. Studs are very masculine.

    You need to come out as a cuckold to her. The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll see a stud’s enourmous cock stretching your wife’s pussy open.

  • I know for a fact my wife isn’t entirely faithful on her girls trips. We have never opening discussed it, only flirted around the topic. I honestly don’t mind. It gives me the piece of mind to get a little crazy on my golf trips.

  • During my wife's pregnancy we didn't have alot of sex so I turned to porn and masturbating.From that I think came my sexual fantasies involving my wife.After she gave birth and we eventually started having sex again my fantasies took over and I never used to last long at all.One of my most exciting fantasies was my wife being seduced by a younger guy on a rare night out with her friends.He invites her back to his place and tells her that he wants to fuck her.She asks "right here,right now?"He says "yes!"She's so horny from being deprived of orgasms that she gives in.They make out for quite a while but this young man in his mid 20's wants things to move on quicker,so does she.She's led to the sofa and when she sits down,she's soon nude from the waist down.Since pregnancy and not getting much sexual attention she's let her womanly hair grow a bit down there.Luckily before the night out for some reason she felt the need to tidy up and waxed the sides,leaving a bushy but cute thin landing strip.He admires it and smiles at her,then dives down and expertly eats her pussy.Instantly she feels the pleasure and begins moaning.Its been so long since a man ate her pussy...properly.

  • Sweetie I can tell you it happens more often then you know. Every year for the past few years and for twice a year we take a girls only vacation, with the intention of purely having sex with strangers. Totally worth it. And my hubby still has no clue, and I've taken his sister with us

  • I would be ok with it as long as it is only sex

  • Don’t tell your wife that then, or else you’ll create forbidden fruit out of things that aren’t sex. Forbidden fruit is a slut maker.

  • Luv it.. more power to u

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