Think I fucked up his marriage

I [24f] have been working as a bookkeeper for a small catering business. We only have 12 employees. I don't work at the kitchen, but a couple blocks down at a small, one-room office space that we rent.

My boss, who is 47, is way fun, more like a friend than a boss. He would come to the office a couple times a day to talk about business and look at the balance sheets and stuff. We're friends, have a lot in common, so we talked about other things too. It was flirty from day one, and though I have a boyfriend, within a couple of months I was sucking my boss' cock during his visits. It was just hot, friendly fun. Not long after, we graduated into fucking, mostly quickies. I have a high sex drive and am almost always dtf.

Well, last week we got busted. We were fucking on the desk at the office when his wife, who also works for the business, came in and caught us. She went ballistic. She told me that I need to be fired and my boss so far hasn't done it, because he doesn't have a replacement. I don't have another job lined up either. I'm still working there, but I can fucking feel the daggers coming out of his wife's eyes every time she sees me. Their marriage is on the rocks, and I kinda feel bad about helping cause this.

My boyfriend can sense that things are not right with my work, because I'm pretty distraught. I can't tell him what's going on, because he'd freak out if he knew that I had been getting laid at work nearly every day for the last 3 months. To make matters worse, I'm late on my period, but it's only been a few days, so I'm hoping that it's just stress.

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  • Whats the update

  • Live your life. F the idiots up here who wish they where that man.

  • Looks like this is something that you knew might happen, but if you're 24, how in the hell did you not do something to keep from getting knocked up? You should know that you should be on birth control OR, at least, have him wear a condom. YOUR FUCKING MISTAKE BABY.

  • Serve yourself right if you are up the duff, I kind of hope your boyfriend pisses you off and your boss sack's you and stays with his wife

  • I wish you are pregnant

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