Telling the world I wear ladies panties.

I started wearing Mom's panties in 3rd grade. I loved the silky feel & wore them to masturbate myself in. It was also soooooo exciting to do something taboo as wearing my Mom's panties. As I grew older I needed to go to greater lengths to get my pleasure fix. So in the summers while school was out and Mom was at work, we had a young maid do the daily house work. I would wait till she started cleaning my parent's room, and then go in and opened up my Mom's lingerie drawers. In front of the maid, I began examining all of Mom's panties and other lingerie. I would pick out a pair of her panties, some pantyhose, one of her panty girdles, a short half slip, and finally one of her soft cup bras. Then while the maid was still watching me, i stripped naked, and began putting on all of Mom's silky lingerie. I loved the maid watching me and giggling as i dressed up as a woman. At first the maid had to teach me how to reach around to my back and hook the clasps on Mom's bra. Then for the rest of the day I ran around the house wearing only Mom's underwear. I even played with myself in front of her. Sometimes she would even do it for me. God what a thrill. In return she would let me watch her go to the bathroom and also let me pull down her pants and panties. Soon she also let me play with her pussy. Then i began bringing some kids who were 3 or 4 years younger over and I'd let them watch me dress up like a woman. All the boys and girls loved watching me and then they would let me suck on their cocks or lick their smooth pussies. All of this was in plain sight of our maid. What a rush to take some little boy's hard penis into my mouth and suck him, or lick some little girl's pussy with the maid standing there watching. Sometimes the maid would bare her breasts for us and encouraged the kids to rub their privates on her 36B titties. To see her rubbing her hard nipples on some of the little girls vagina lips was a major turn on. The maid also wanted me to model Mom's lingerie for her friends who were maids in the neighborhood. I'd have 4 or 5 ladies coming over to see me wearing my Mom's underwear. I loved it, and so did they.
In 7th grade I'd have my good friend and his 5 yr older brother come over and see me dressed up and then we'd start playing with each other, and I loved sucking their dicks. It was so hot to have my friend's hard cock in my mouth while his brother had pulled down my panties etc and was shoving his hard cock in and out of my bottom while tge maid stood right ther in front of us. She eventually began letting all of us fuck her. By this time i had bought a pair of panties and had the msid cut a fly in them, so i could fuck her and still keep my panties on. That was hot being able to fuck her with me still completely dressed as a woman.
Now to the present...i saw a tee shirt on the internet that said, " I love wearing silky women's panties!" and i bought it. Just yesterday I got the courage to wear it with my panties, suntan pantyhose, a control brief, a half slip, and a silky bra that was thick enough to see it's outline through my tee shirt. I also wore a pair of shorts and had shaved my legs before putting on my pantyhose. Then I went to WalMart to do some shopping. Many of the women looked at my tee shirt and legs and smiled. Quite alot would ask me if that was true. I'd just smile and pull up my tee shirt so they could see the lacy waist band of my pink panties, and told them how exciting doing this was. Some would also comment on my bra and pantyhose. I just told them why should women get to wear all the silky underwear. Alot were very supportive of my wearing lingerie. On this one aisle this attractive woman in her late 30's with a tween aged daughter walked by and her daughter said "Mommy that man has a shirt that says he loves wearing women's panties". She said really? Then she called out to me saying "excuse me sir, but is your shirt correct? I turned around and approached them and said see for yourself and raised my tee shirt up about two inches to reveal the plnk lacy waistband of my panties. Her daughter asked if that was all i was wearing and i said no...look at the back of my tee shirt and you can see my bra, and my legs reveal my pantyhose, and I'm also wearing a panty girdle, a short half slip. Her mom told me she liked the idea of a man wearing all the silky things that women wear. Her daughter asked why I wore them, and I told her I loved their silky feel, and doing something that was soooo taboo. Her mom asked if I ever did any modeling of it and I said that i could do it if someone wanted me to. Her daughter started saying "please mommy, i really want to see him wearing lafies underwear". Her mom said that would be fun and then gave me her phone number and told me to call her next week. I can hardly wait for next week. Maybe I'll get a mother and pre teen daughter 3 some.


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  • Licking little bald pussy and sucking hairless cocks = heaven

  • My cock is hairless even my ashole

  • So your cock is hairless. I like that. I hope it isn't real big...I'd love to fondle, jack off, kiss, lick and suck a small hairless cock. Do you wear panties like I do. That would be even better. If you'd like I could even offer you my virgin bottom to fuck and fill with your thick, hot cum.

  • Yes I like wearing pantyhose and panties. My cock isn’t very big. Would love to fuck your asshole while you are wearing pantyhose

  • How could I contact you ?

  • Are you in UK?

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