She bit my cock, and I loved it.

My sister set me up with one of her friends one weekend when we were having a big party, a few years back. It was kind of a blind date, because my sister has do many friends I can't remember who is who. Well the night came, my sister went to pick her up, and bring her back to the house for the party. Well they got back, my sister walked in first, my blind date "Carrie", then walked in. She was tall, pretty face, nice set if boobs, pretty round ass, just a little bit chunky. She had jet black hair, pale skin, dark makeup around her eyes, and black lipstick, the goth type. But the kicker was, when she smiled, she had dental implants for her eye teeth that gave her almost canine type fangs top and bottom. That was scary part, once I seen those I remembered her from school. She was two grades behind me, so that would make her a senior this year, cause I'm a sophomore in collage now.
Well I introduced myself, asked Carrie if she wanted a drink, then we found a couple of chairs out on the back deck and sat a talked. She told me that she thought of herself as a vampire, was into blood and gore. As she went on talking, I started thinking what in the hell was my sister thinking. I have nothing in common with this girl. I'm a country boy, you know hunting, fishing, big 4x4 pickups etc. Well we proceeded to drink and chat as the night went on, one thing led to another. We started kissing and groping each other, I asked Carrie if she wanted to go up to my room. She said no, she wanted to go out in the woods. I told her she was crazy, there's coyotes, wolves, and bears out there. Her reply was "yeah I know ". So off we went, once we got to a nice open grassy area, she immediately took every thing off. Seeing her standing there completely nude in the moon light. She was gorgeous, her long wavy black hair moving slowly in the soft night breeze, her firm big y tits bouncing as she walked toward me. She walked up to me, dropped to her knees grabbed my shorts and underwear and pulled them both down and I stepped out of them. Carrie then wrapped her hand around my semi erect cock and started slowly kissing and licking it. It was instantly rock hard, then she started deep throating me. I could actually feel the head of my cock hitting the back of her throat then sliding down it some. I was in heaven nevrr have I had a blew job like this. I had my eyes closed head tilted back, I was ablivious to the rest of the world around me. Then I felt start bitting down on my cock a little bit, it hurt some, but it felt good at the same time. Thats when I felt her eye teeth break the skin on my cock, wow it was a rush. I could feel the blood start to trickle down the shaft of my cock. That was when Carrie really started sucking on my cock, she was drinking my blood. Once she gad a good flow of blood going, is when she stopped, grabbed me by my hands pulled me down to her, and said "fuck me". I got on top of her, she was so wet, along with the blood on my cock no lube needed my cock slid right in. I started fucking her like a wild rabbit on crack. Thats when see told me to bite her boob. I nibbled on the nipples a little bit, then she said no, put your mouth on the side of my boob bite down hard enough to draw blood. So I did, Carrie let out a cry and howl, that I thought would bring every coyote and wolf in the area running to us. The blood started to trickle sown the side of her boob a little. Thats when she told me to suck on th bite and drink her blood. Not sure why I did, but I did, the whole time she was crying out a howling like a wolf. It didn't take us long and we both exploded together in massive orgasims. We layed there together on the grass and dozed off to sleep fora while. When we woke up the sun was coming up. So we got, git dressed, and headed back to to house. Carrie asked me if she hurt my cock when see bit it, I said no not really. Carrie explained that her eye teeth are razor sharp, so they don't hurt much when they break the skin, then she said however I think I'mgoing to have a pretty good bruise on my boob for you. When we got back to the house my sister and a few of our friends were still there and just getting up. My sister asked me if we heard the weird screams coming from the woods last night, she said it sounded like a wounded wolf, I told her nope didn't hear a thing.
That was four years ago now, Carrie and I are now married, and have 10 month old baby girl. Our common interest are still a bit apart from each other. But there has never been two people more in love with each other, and the sex is better then than first night on the woods.


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  • I read your post to my husband, and we both cam so hard we had to try it.
    I went to the local novelty store and bought a couple pair of vampire fangs. Even though the teeth were hard plastic they wouldn't break / punchure the skin very well. So with my husband being a machinist, he went to work modifing them. He replaced the eyeteeth, (fangs), with ones he made out of surgeical steel, he machined and polished them razor sharp.
    That night we had dinner and wine, then went out on the back porch sat a drank a few d beers. After a bit I took my top, bra, and skirt off, leaving just my panties on. I stood up in front of my husband, pulled his shirt off, and the knelt down and pulled his pant and underwear off together. I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking him off, he was hard in no time. After a few minutes I could tell when he was ready he was getting close to cumming, by the way his cock started pulsating in my mouth. This is when I startedto bite down. My husband moened out bite it harder, harder, make it bleed and drink my blood. I wasn't sure if I was ready to drink the blood, but I bit down harder, it sounded like someone popping bubble wrap. As all four fangs broke the skin at the same time the blood staryed flowing, and without even thinking I started swollowing it. Just as he shot his load in my mouth. Next it's my turn he's bitting my boob and drinking my blood

  • Well I let my husband bite my boob and suck the blood, it was a pretty good rush. Strange thing was you would think bitting my boob on or close to my nipple would be the most intense sexually. But actually it was when he bit my boob closer to my chest. Even better when he bit the side of my boob close to my arm pit. It really sent me over the edge when bit me on top of my shoulder and neck. Needless to say I ended up with some deep puncher wounds on my boobs, shoulders, neck, and oh yeah my arm pitts also. But I really enjoy it, and had some very intense orgasim. I'm pretty sure my husband enjoyed it also, because I've never seen him cum such a large amount before.

  • When my cock is finally hard my wife will usually start to bite down on the base of my cock and work her way up close to to the head. She doesn’t bite hard enough to make it bleed but it feels so wonderful.
    I asked her why she started doing this and she replied one of her ex lovers used to push her head down as for her to take in as much of his cock as possible.
    She said in order to make him stop she would bite down. His cock was way much bigger than mine. When she told me how big he was I asked her to suck my cock as though it was his cause she was madly in love with his cock. Gosh his cock was huge

  • Yeah, but how can you get a good days sleep in a coffin?

  • We're 3rd shift workers, we sleep during the day.

  • Seriously we actually do both work 3rd shift.

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