My girlfriend wants to fuck other guys too

My girlfriend says she loves me and what we have together ,but would like to be able to fuck other guys with no commitment to them what so ever. All while I watch.She wants me to be there with everyone that she's with .To see them do things to her and to watch her suck them off . She said think about it .
Am I fucking crazy,should I dump her for wanting this,or stay ?

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  • I think it's safe to say by the tone of your writing you will never be fully on board with it. Move on with someone else in life you will be happy and safe with.

  • I would love to be you. I did this in HS with my girl and w both loved it. They were guys we randomly met. It worked out so well. You be surprised how much this happens even more in college. I took it a step higher in College. My girl would take guys into our bedroom while I watched sand jacked off. It was usually guys she thought were super hot.
    Sometimes she would disappear without me knowing and giving several blowjobs or getting fucked before I had a chance to be there

  • She was doing this in high school ..awesome .. What would she do ?

  • Depends on how you feel fown deep inside about the whole thing. Because once you give her the okay to start fucking other guys, it's hard to get her to stop. Myself I like watching other men use my wife as a " Cum Dump Slut".

  • If you want to watch other guys use her mouth and pussy, stay.

    If you do not, dump her.

  • I've been trying to get my wife to do this for years. Lucky...

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