Horny and Touching Myself

Female in her 20s wanting to get off to descriptions of what you naughty men/women would do to me.

Don't hold back details.

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  • It starts with you putting on a dog leash. woof.

  • You show up at my house after I give you my address. Once inside I have you give me a strip tease, nice and slow, including a lap dance, sliding your ass crack along my crotch.
    Then I lead you back to the bedroom where the sex toys and furniture are located. I put a collar around your neck, wrists, and ankles. I bend you over a sex bench, so you are kneeling with your hips and chest supported on the padded bench, and I lock your arms and legs in position. I lick your pussy until you are nice and wet. I position the fucking machine behind you, dildo attachment poised at your wet lips. I start it going, slowly at first, making sure it isn't hurting you. I grab a vibrator and move it underneath you and start working on your clit. I love to hear the moans escaping. After you reach the first couple of orgasms I remove my pants and kneel down in front of you so you can suck me off. You use your hands to cradle my balls, grab my ass, and so on as you suck my dick. As I grunt louder you move your mouth as far down as you can, and swallow my cum as my cock stiffens and pulses in your mouth.
    "You're a good little cocksucker."

  • I unlock you and take you to the bathroom where I give you an enema, cleaning you out well, then squirt lube in your ass and all over it. Using a progression of larger and larger buttplugs and dildos, I slowly stretch your anus to loosen it up. Then I lead you back to the bench where I position the big dildo at your lubed up asshole. Then I turn it on and watch, and listen to you moan. I use the vibrator on your clit again, as you thrust, moan, and scream. When you are exhausted from orgasms, I unlock you and have you put on a very short stripper skirt, and some high heels. Then I insert a butt plug with a pony tail attached. You will remain clothed this way during your stay with me, serving me, massaging me, etc. in between our the sex sessions I have planned for you this weekend. I will put you in a swing, legs splayed out to the sides as I fuck you rotten. You will bounce up and down my cock, sliding in and out your asshole. I will ravage you for my pleasure this weekend.
    Afterward, I will treat you as my princess.

  • I would do fuck all to you, you desperate goat

  • I would like to meet you at a bar while you're wearing a tight black short skirt and high heels. I would slide my hand up your skirt to find out your not wearing panties. I touch your pussy and it's all shaved and wet. I stick my finger in your pussy and u don't say nothing. This is happening in the bar but no one can see. I asked u if you want to go to my place. U said sure. On the way to my house I pull up your skirt and playing with your pussy. Your pussy is really wet. Then u reach over and take out my cock and start sucking it. When we got to my house we went right into the bed room. I asked u to put on these black thigh highs and to leave your heels on. Your walking around my bedroom like that. U looked so sexy. I told u to bend over and spread your ass open and I started licking your asshole. This was driving u crazy. I told u to get on your knees at the edge of the bed and I slide my big fat hard cock in your pussy. U keep telling me fuck me harder. I want that cock deep in my pussy. Then my daughter come home from college and walked in on us unexpectedly. I introduced u to her. She was my stepdaughter and visit me sometimes on the weekends. She is really hot and was checking u out. I knew she wanted u. I went down stairs to make some drinks and when I came up with the drinks she was licking your pussy. It was so hot. I have fucked my stepdaughter and her friends sometimes when they spend the weekend with me. I come over and stuck my cock in your mouth while she was licking you pussy. Then she laid on her back and open her legs and said to u if you want to taste her. Your on your knees licking her pussy and I come up behind u and start fucking your cute ass. U loved it. My daughter was pushing your head into her pussy. U were both moaning. I came of your asshole and my daughter said let me lick your asshole clean.

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