My wife and Andrew

The other night after coming home from a neighborhood party. I looked around and noticed my wife seemed to be feeling tipsy and a little flirty. The group decided one more shot for good times sake. We took our shots when I noticed my wife give one of our young neighbors Andrew a wink and he smiled back. I didn’t know what to think other than she appears really flirty. On the walk home she started saying there were some cute hot people there. A few minutes she asked me if I saw any hot females there and I said yes there were a few. By now I sort of knew she wanted to talk about the guys there.When we got into bed the conversation continued and I asked her if there were any hot guys she would bang if she were single when she said yes! I asked and after a pause she said yes our close neighbor young neighbor Andrew.I said yes he’s tall and looks very fit.
I asked her if she thought he was hot . By now we were naked and in bed and she was already stroking sucking hard on my cock.I asked her if she would love to fuck him and she said yes! I told her to suck on it like it was Andrews. And something slipped. She said he was much bigger.By now she was feeling really good and I was rock hard from what I heard her say.
I told her if she wanted she could fuck him cause I bet he was good in bed . By this time I was fucking her doggie. As I continued to ask her questions she kept describing why he would be good in bed. When I continued asking about him she told me she had already fucked him. I didn’t know if she was drunk talking but she didn’t appear to be. She admitted the first time was in our living room floor when she was off one day. She told he fucked her good and he was much bigger and way rogher than me.I asked her about the other times and she said the other was on the side of the house one night she said she was supposed to be running and the last latest was in the hallway where they never made it to the bedroom.
I said please tell me your not lying. She said I’m not. She said remember when you told me you wanted me to fuck another hot guy? I said yes and she said he is the guy. I asked her why she hadn’t told me and she said it’s not something that just comes out.She then said she one day after running she saw him working out in his garage and that’s when all the flirting started. They talked and after several other occasions she made it a habit to stop by and flirt with him.She said he took the bait and next thing they couldn’t help from wanting to fuck each other. She said if I wanted she would stop but he was very good in bed
I came so hard right after this.I said is his cock really that good and she said yes. Both can’t wait to strip off each other clothes and It’s more like a quick blowjob followed by a quick hard pounding. Purely sexual. I told her oh my that’s hot as hell. I asked her if he came a lot and she said more than she can swallow. This was her thing when we were younger. Last I asked her if he can make her cum by penetration and she said yes!!! I came hard right again cause I have never been able to make her cum through penetration.Its hard to face him now without looking at him straight in the eye


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  • Fantastic! I hope you get to watch them together. I swear, you never fully appreciate just how sexy your wife is until you watch how her body responds to another man!

  • Hot!

  • Keep us updated.

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